[Updates] More beta / unseen videos in the archive!

[Updates] More beta / unseen videos in the archive!

Thanks to Youtube we have found some more beta videos for the Unseen Archive:

Hybrid Heaven [Proto / Tech Demo – N64] (From helmsly2010 YT Channel)

Symbosis [Tech Demo / Proto – XBOX & PS2] (From OutcastSpain YT Channel)

More unseen videos has been added in these pages: Future Zone (snes – cancelled), Road Rash 2 (Game Gear – Cancelled) from LIVIADRVSILLA YT Channel, Silicon Valley (Beta – N64) from helmsly2010 YT Channel, F-Zero X (N64 – Beta) from LucaPM YT Channel, Super Shinobi 2 (MD/G – Beta) from EclipseVoid and SuperGalvatron YT channels, Resident Evil 4 Making Of from Tilemaxx YT Channel. Props to them :)

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2 thoughts on “[Updates] More beta / unseen videos in the archive!

  1. monokoma Post author

    Thanks for the link CRV! To have those videos on YT is nice for sharing / easy looking purpose, but probably on the Internet Archive they are better preserved.. I really need to make a backup of all the beta/cancelled games videos that i have on my PC on the IA.. anyway, i’m going to check those previews on there, maybe there are some more unseen ones

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