Super Shinobi 2 (Shinobi 3) [MD/G – Beta]

Super Shinobi 2 (Shinobi 3) [MD/G – Beta]


Shinobi 3 (released in Japan as Super Shinobi 2) was originally set to be released in 1992. Several gaming magazines (including GamePro, Mean Machines SEGA and Computer & Video Games) gave previews and even reviews of the game, showing pictures of levels, enemies, artwork and special moves which were not seen in the final version at all. For reasons unclear, Sega had put the game back into development and delayed its release until 1993. When Shinobi 3 was finally released, a lot of game features seen earlier were missing, while new ones had come in place. – [Info from wikipedia]

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8 thoughts on “Super Shinobi 2 (Shinobi 3) [MD/G – Beta]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Going purely off memory here, but did’nt Sega ‘pull’ the original version back in for re-coding after reviewers were’nt all that impressed by it and thus awarding scores of around 75-80% and complained of lack of variety etc?.

    Others have done similar due to poor review scores, Mega CD Dracula was butchered at review, pulled, bits recoded, butchered again at re-review and Argonaut did the same with Dreamcast Red Dog and again reviews just went..Meh….

    So i often wonder if the extra time and resources given to games that are altered after average/poor reviews were worth it.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Quick check proved my memory was’nt off at all :-)

    Original version reviewed in Mean machines sega No. 5, 2 reviewers, Rich+Lucy, both thinking it was’nt as good as Revenge Of Shinobi, Lucy in particular said some of the backdrops looked awful, commented on lack of variety between levels and some levels being rip-offs from those found in games like Sonic and Strider.

    Game recieved Overal score of 88%

    Turns up recoded in Mean Machines Sega No.11, 2 reviewers again, Paul and Lucy, they found it not much better than the 1st version and scored it 89%

    Sega must wonder why they bothered :-)

    Forwarded scans of both reviews to you, if you want to add them here at some point.

    1. monokoma

      Will add the scans in the archive for sure, thanks a lot Ross :) the backlog of updates for Unseen64 is always huge, i wonder when we’ll do them all :D

  3. Ross Sillifant

    :-) Like all good things my friend, add them as/when.They are just, sure there’s far more bigger news to be posted ahead of them.

    At least we now get a more definite idea just why game was pulled-in for re-coding :-)

  4. wolf

    the beta has some better back rounds then the finished shinobi 3 game , but musics bad and game plays slow & you cant fight the bosses

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