New Article: Castlevania 64 Beta Analysis

New Article: Castlevania 64 Beta Analysis


Castlevania 64 underwent a no doubt rushed development phase and because of it, a lot of content was cut from the final game. The most obvious missing feature is that the final version only contains two playable characters as opposed to beta version’s promised four. Originally, we were promised Reinhardt Schneider, Carrie Fernandez , Cornell, and Coller. Reinhardt and Carrie made it into 64 and Cornell was lucky enough to pull into the “directors cut” version of the game, but poor old Coller never saw the light of day. He was, however, replaced by Henry. Castlevania 64 obviously had a lot more content than what we got, but fortunately, thanks to a bit of picture hunting and hacking magic, we can see a bit more of what the developers originally intended. Read the rest of this entry »

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9 thoughts on “New Article: Castlevania 64 Beta Analysis

  1. Robert Seddon

    Isn’t that katakana word ‘status’ rather than ‘stats’? I can’t read the whole thing, so I’m not sure whether you’ve interpreted that differently or read another part as ‘stats’.

  2. Torentsu

    Katakana isn’t my strong point. Although it could be status I lean toward stats because other Castlevanias have used a point based status system in the past + the ten percent thing would seem to indicate numbers being increased as normally the game’s “status” meter only deals in words. Also the old shots show another meter besides the red jewel count meaning there could have been a magic system and “stats” that influenced it.

  3. Emil

    Great article. I really enjoyed that game back then and sadly never played Legacy of Darkness. I did’t know there was so much more in that game in the first place. It could have been much more but then again I think the game was really good in the first place. Maybe the more streamlined approach taken with the final version was the better choice.

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