Landstalker [MD/G – Beta / Concept / Unused Stuff]

Landstalker [MD/G – Beta / Concept / Unused Stuff]


Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole is an action rpg that was developed by Climax Entertainment originally for the Mega Drive/Genesis. The player, as Nigel the treasure hunter, is tasked with searching for clues that lead to the treasure of King Nole. This is accomplished primarily by travelling through both outdoor areas and dungeons. All gameplay takes place in an isometric view, including plot-advancing scenes. [Info from Wikipedia]

With the help of a tool created by Lord_Mir, we can extract all the sprites in the game’s rom, to find a couple of enemies and an item that were not used in the game! Ryu-Ya, webmaster of Landsavior, has send to us a mail with some more info and screens: “In the game we can found these two sprites (enemies it seems), some platforms and fireballs totally unused in the final version. There’s a sprite of a weapon, the “boomerang axe”, which belongs to Zak, an opponent of the Landstalker’s hero, who hold it on the official artworks but is unused in the game. Obviously the developers wanted him to fight with that weapon but later they changed their mind.”



Update: thanks to Ryu-Ya we have the confirmation that the bath scene is indeed in the Japanese version of the game. Another candidate for the Unseen Changes!

As Robert Seddon / VanishedOne has make us notice in a topic on the U64 forum and as other gamers have already found out at the Sega16 Forum, it seems that in the memory of the game still exist an hidden “bath scene, that is accessible only thanks to a PAR code. A YouTube video from ryuya5 shows us this removed cutscene: “thanks to a gameshark/Action Replay code (FF542 08000) that allows you to levitate you can now meet Kayla in her bathroom during your stay at Mercator Castle”. We are still not 100% sure if it is unused altogether, or it was just censored for the Western versions, so if you have more informations about this, please send us an email o leave a comment!


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3 thoughts on “Landstalker [MD/G – Beta / Concept / Unused Stuff]

  1. Ryu-Ya

    I confirm that you can freely access the bath scene in the japanese version, but you must go to kayla’s room at the very last moment before the banquet.

    >FullMetalMC : actually Link had a quite different face in those years :)

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