Super Metroid [SNES – Beta]

Super Metroid [SNES – Beta]

Super Metroid [SNES – Beta]

Super Metroid was the third game produced in the Metroid series. Metroid producer Gunpei Yokoi oversaw the project, but owing to him being busy with designing the Game Boy Pocket and Virtual Boy, Super Metroid was produced by Makoto Kanoh, who had devised the original game’s storyline. The game’s early planning began in 1990 with Nintendo’s Nintendo Research & Development 1 (R&D1) headed by Yoshio Sakamoto. [Info from Wikipedia] Looking through old screens from the game’s previews, we can notice some interesting changes made in the game while in development.

The Samus sprite had some differences in the beta version (top image) as you can see from this comparison with the final version (below). In the early build the graphic for Samus was simple and later Nintendo decided to make her more detailed; even the ship seems to have a couple of differences, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

Also, Jason noticed that there are some more differences, like the lack of the blue layer of light in the ship, the wing color in the bugs, and there is a section of Norfairs map that is completely different than anything in the game.

Thanks to Jason and Rlan for the contribution!



The beta Samus sprite from the side




The battle with Ridley looks almost the same (with beta Samus sprite)





Beta Hud (Map & Energy in different position)


Final Hud

















Beta sector of the map:


“Heres’s the map they show for the super guide for Super Metroid. Based on the actual map, the map layout here is nowhere to be found in the final game, but is a little close to the final one. The right slop is replaced with “stairs” in the final game.” by Rlan

Even this old screen of the Zebes map looks a bit strange (different colors / missing names), but i could be wrong and maybe it’s just like the final map at the start of the game. If you can confirm or deny this, please send us an email!

Beta Map?


Final Map


More random beta images:

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6 thoughts on “Super Metroid [SNES – Beta]

  1. GarnetJello

    I don’t think the “beta” map and the “final” maps are any different. It’s been a while since I’ve played this game, but I’m pretty certain that the names of the locations and colors don’t show up until you have actually visited those areas on Zebes.

  2. Jason

    It looks more like you’re mistaking bad quality shots for full-blown differences; samus’ sprite is more then likely exactly the same, but due to the poor quality of the scans and screen shots from the source, it appears different. there are some genuine differences, though. – like the lack of the blue layer of light in the ship, the wing color in the bugs, and there is a section of Norfairs map that is completely different than anything in the game.

    1. monokoma Post author

      You could be right Jason, but they are interesting to see just in case that it was really changed. Maybe one day we’ll be able to have direct-feed images of those same screens! I’m going to add your info in the description, thanks a lot :)

  3. MarxForever

    No Jason, I think it’s really different. Look at the shape of her Visor and her thighs are shorter.

  4. Why

    I am very late, but… I SAW that beta map, in the game, bought from a store…

    It was the weirdest thing ever. I think the cartridge i had was broken or whatever.

    When i started the game, i started with alle items, right in front of Mother Brain, killed her, escaped, and then it showed you EXACTLY this map, all grey, and ONLY Brinstar was visited. And that was it. The game was stuck on that map screen until you reset. I could not play the rest of the game AT ALL, ONLY the stuff after the last save point in the game!

    Now i really wonder if somehow a few beta cartridges made their way into the shops in Europe… Because WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT??? :D

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