Mario Party [DS – Beta]

Mario Party [DS – Beta]

Wiggler’s Garden was going to be called Petey’s Greenhouse and the original story was about a Piranha Plant that was making a mess in Wiggler’s Garden. Apparently, Petey Piranha was betrayed by a member of his army and was now making a mess in his greenhouse.

Toadsworth was going to be the shopkeeper in the item shop, but was replaced by Monty Mole. But Toadsworth is still mentioned in the shop sometimes even though he is never seen. Another thing that is interesting is that in the Player’s small windows there was going to be an X in front of the money and stars amount, but was taken out in the final version, probably because coins could reach over 100.

Intresting yet sadly, there was going to be WiFi in it, but it never came true. Probably from a lack of time or memory within the game. [Info from Mariowiki]


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