Team Fortress 2: second prototype

Team Fortress 2: second prototype

At the Team GabeN wiki website we can read some interesting informations about the development of Team Fortress 2: “Valve’s second concept for TF2 featured a Sci-Fi theme with none of the characters or even places being related to the Half-Life story. Following the Half-Life 2 leak, CS and HL1 ports were released by Anon. The Counter-Strike port included two out-of-place player models under the names “temp_player.mdl” and “alien_commando.mdl”. Those are a Human and the Alien Commando and they’re the only known/available TF2 models we have from Valve. Any other asset made for that game simply doesn’t exist or is not available to the general public.”


You can read more about this @ Team Fortress 2 (GabeN) or you can see more TF2 beta stuff in our archive page for the game

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