Mr.Do for the GameBoy? A released “beta”

Mr.Do for the GameBoy? A released “beta”

In the infinite web of the internet, sometimes we can find interesting memorial about lost gaming stuff, like this page from the developer of the GB version of Mr.Do, where we can read some fun facts about the game: “Mr.Do! was given a very limited release in Europe – in its unfinished form! [..] The game was meant to have a link-up cable option, where two players had to battle it out on a much bigger map. This was never completed due to problems with the development kit I was using (this ‘menu option’ has been removed). Also the baddie intelligence was never finished – they don’t ‘search’ the playfield correctly or ‘stumble’ beneath falling apples as they should. There was also supposed to be two modes of display – an authentic ‘full-screen’ version (with tiny graphics – see the pause mode below) and the scrolling, high detailed one that appears in the ‘end product.”

mrdo1.gif mrdo3.gif

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