New beta scans.. maybe. [PSX, Saturn & More]

New beta scans.. maybe. [PSX, Saturn & More]

Another round of beta scans, today from Cd Consoles n°3, a french game magazine from Jan 1995, thanks to Abandonware Magazines. I have found a couple of interesting images, that looks suspicius.. but maybe it’s just me. First one of the bunch is Metal Jacket for Playstation:


I did not find any infos or images from the final version, just an interesting video of a tech demo (thanks to Assembler):

Anyway, i’m sure that the final game looks more like this tech demo than the image in the scan.. maybe the one in the magazine was a shot from a FMV? Probably we’ll never know.

The second game is Gale Racer for the Saturn:


The mistery of this scan.. is that a game called “Gale Racer” do exist for the Saturn, but is really different from this one:

What? Where are the f-zero alike cars? That’s not Gale Racer! ..or is it? On MobyGames they say that “Gale Racer is a Saturn conversion of racing game Rad Mobile for the Sega System 32. Everything is similar except that this version turns your rivals into fully polygonal cars. It also adds Full Motion Video sequences, as well as a CD soundtrack. The scenarios are 2D and all of them correspond to various zones from the United States. The only available camera is the one inside the car, from where you can see the wheel and indicators (again, in 2D). Also, the game features weather effects, like rain, fog and night, for which you should use either the headlights or the windscreen wiper to succeed in the race. ” So… it would be really strange if they were making a port of the arcade game for the saturn, but with flying cars..  probably the magazine just mixed the name of the game, and those screenshots are not from Gale Racer.. but then, what game is it? Does someone knows?

The third game is… Lobos Sekei for Playstation? What? I have no idea.


This game does not seems to exist.. at least i could not find any info about it on google. And we all know that if there’s nothing on Google, it does not exist. Right?

The last scan for today is.. a Mega CD version of Alien Soldier?


Well, it was released for Genesis / Mega Drive.. so maybe this was only an error.. anyway, i did not played the game, but the screenshot looks strange.. beta or not?

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