[Resolved!] Ernald: an unreleased SNES RPG? Not really.

[Resolved!] Ernald: an unreleased SNES RPG? Not really.

This game was though to be unreleased, as it was not possible to find “Ernald” in the release list for SNES games, but after some researches by Pat & Robert Seddon (as you can read below the post, in the comment section) we have found out that this was just an early “translation” of the original japanese name (Elnard) for 7th Saga, released in 1993. Thanks to everyone! :)


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5 thoughts on “[Resolved!] Ernald: an unreleased SNES RPG? Not really.

  1. monokoma Post author

    wow Pat, you are right! I have never played 7th Saga, but looking at some screenshots from it at RPGamer:
    (especially the “Is he fighting in an Eva unit?” one)
    it really looks like it’s the same game as the one in this old scan! Now, i wonder if “Ernald” was the “work in progress” name for the project, or maybe it was just an error in the magazine.. Anyway, do you know if the screens show something different from the final version? If there’s nothing beta in there, i think we should remove this page from the archive, because it’s clear that this game was released as 7th saga. Thanks a lot Pat :)

  2. Robert Seddon

    The magazine actually highlights the name right at the start of the column: ‘Ernald est peut être un nom curieux pour un jeu de rôles…’ / ‘Ernald is perhaps a curious name for an RPG…’ So they must have been sure about it at the time.

  3. monokoma Post author

    Thanks for your research Robert :) Well, after this explanation, we can just change this entry in a “news” and remove it from the Unseen Gallery. Thanks again to Pat for the information! :)

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