Three new atari 7800 protos

Three new atari 7800 protos

Recently, three new Atari 7800 protos, Sirius, Plutos, Rapart, were finally recovered. This is an interesting news because they represent some of the most complex titles ever developed for the ill-fated console. You can read all about them on

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One thought on “Three new atari 7800 protos

  1. Ross Sillifant

    From what little i know of Plutos+Sirius…

    Plutos is the more ‘playable’ of the 2, Sirius has a rather harsh difficulty setting that seems to put a lot of people off, wether this would of been toned down come release…….

    Also both would of benifited from having the POKEY chip on cart for better sound, again wether that actually happened (doubtful given just how many 7800 titles actually used it, Atari always looking to cut costs).

    So whilst both would of been a welcome edition to the range of 7800 titles, system would of needed a lot more of this standard to really stand out.

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