Dee Dee Planet [DC – Unreleased]

Dee Dee Planet [DC – Unreleased]


“I’d never played any video games until then, but in order to act as a director for this game project, I bought all video games available and some software. As this ‘Dee Dee PLANET’ was based on 8 bit games from the 80’s, I played the old Nintendo selectively. ‘Dee Dee PLANET’ is categorized as a shooting game, but almost all existing shooting games have lots of options which players can choose as they like. Players choose their weapons, vehicles and fields, and they upgrade their characters based on their score. This can be applied to other genres like car-racing, fighting and role-playing games.

This ‘Dee Dee PLANET’ is a kind of shooting game which shoots using a parabola, and is pastoral rather than speedy. It has a mathematical clearness by controlling the parabola with only two parameters – angle and shooting power. We set up a totally different theme apart from the offensiveness of other shooting games.

Players fight with their opponents operating their robots inside of three different zones – block zone, gel zone and liquid zone. Each zone is filled with different materials (gas, viscous material and liquid), different gravity and different resistance. There’s also difference in the power of each wheel as player’s feet and weapon. They have affinities between each zone. Players cannot choose those elements by themselves, they’re just given to them. It’s kind of an Oriental outlook on the world – ‘once a man comes into this world with his own body, he has to live out his life’. We included absurd events and developments in our first plan. Some of them were actually included in the game, and some were taken off from the specifications in the process.” [Quoted from]

Dee Dee Planet was finished, but canceled due to a large networking bug.



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3 thoughts on “Dee Dee Planet [DC – Unreleased]

    1. eSPy

      Google Translate:

      ” Dee Dee PLANET ” Notice of Release Date postponed
      Toward the launch of the coming August 10 is the software for already Dreamcast which had been entered into the production stage ” Dee Dee PLANET ” but , of bad software in part on the network is I have been discovered at this time .
      Then , but we’re working on the adjustment of trouble at full power , for where I am playing with confidence to everyone , it is determined that it is not foolproof in the current situation of the schedule , decided to postpone the Yamunaku Release Date , to everyone now that I am allowed to inform .
      That the postponement of the Release Date immediately preceding , deeply apologize media relations of everyone and dealers , and that we apologize for tremendous inconvenience to everyone of users who had been looking forward to the release more than anything here .

      Rules are easy ! Easy network play !
      Taking advantage of network function of the Dreamcast, anyone ” Easy Network ” series 2nd of easily enjoy online battle game , appeared following the ” Choo Choo Rocket ! ” .
      Rules is very easy . Shoot a missile aimed at the opponent , only it . So it is anyone can be addicting .
      One -shot reversal ! Nail-biting survival game !
      Players in various fields called zones , purpose is to destroy the other players attack weapons operate the character . The character there is a difference of personality and performance , respectively , things that are excellent in each zone , there are incompatible things . During the game takes place a variety of events to random , there at once also tide reversed . Who do not know until the last or survive , it is just survival game of fortune sense .
      The gathered allies in the Internet and enjoy in multiplayer !

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