Zelda: Four Swords [GBA – Beta]

Zelda: Four Swords [GBA – Beta]


As we can read on wikipedia, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords was a collaborative development effort between Nintendo and Capcom, the process supervised by Minoru Narita, Yoichi Yamada, Takashi Tezuka and Yoshikazu Yamashita from Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development. Capcom had begun development of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap in 2001, but temporarily suspended it to free up resources of the Four Swords multi-player component. The sprites and some areas were much different in the beta version, if you can make a complete list of all the differences in the screens and videos below, please let us know!

Thanks to Zharkaer for the contribution!



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4 thoughts on “Zelda: Four Swords [GBA – Beta]

  1. Ali

    The first screen is from the Four Swords that came with the LTTP GBA port, the rest seem to be from this “beta” looks cool either way.

  2. monokoma

    You are right, i need to check if maybe that screen was added because of a different Item-Icon or something, but probably it just went in the gallery for an error ;P

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