Luna Blaze [GBA – Cancelled]

Luna Blaze [GBA – Cancelled]


Debuted at Nintendo Space World 2001 and developed by HAL Laboratory, Luna Blaze was an RPG for the Game Boy Advance, originally set to be released in Spring of 2002. Little is known regarding Luna Blaze’s story, only that its protagonists were a boy and a girl who used psychic powers.

What is known regarding Luna Blaze’s gameplay is that it was an RPG in which the player would assemble parties of monsters to fight various opponents. The game may have been similar to Pokemon, as the monsters would level up and could learn over 170 unique attacks. Unique to Luna Blaze is that instead of one-on-one fights as in Pokemon, every monster from either side of the fight would be out in the battle at the same time.

Luna Blaze was one of two cancelled RPG titles being developed by HAL Laboratory at the time, the other being Battland. These games shared some similarities, such as a robust combat system that allowed the player quite a lot of freedom in-game.

Luna Blaze was cancelled several months after being debuted, possibly due to the same reasons that caused Battland’s cancellation, which remain unknown.

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