Command & Destroy [GBA – Cancelled]

Command & Destroy [GBA – Cancelled]


Pining for a Game Boy Advance version of Command and Conquer? There was an upcoming RTS game, cheekily titled Command and Destroy Advance, but it was cancelled. We say cheekily titled, as the game looked rather similar to Westwood’s classic Command and Conquer. Inspiration or plagarism? The game took place in 2018, in a scenario where Earth is stripped of all natural resources. You could have play as three different sides: Humans, Aliens or Worms (big worms, mind). There were 50 different units to build and control, and multiplayer skirmishes. Sadly, the developers never found a publisher..

It seems that this game was somehow released on the DS, but it appears that it wasn’t carried in stores and was only sold by mail order.

Thanks to Paul Masterson & Matt Gander for the contributions!


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5 thoughts on “Command & Destroy [GBA – Cancelled]

  1. Paul Masterson

    This game actually made it out in DS form. Though it appears that it wasn’t carried in stores and was only mail order.

  2. Argh!

    Actually, rather than based in Command & Conquer, this game seems more like a KKND: Krush, Kill and Destroy. In that game you have 2 races (3 in later installs of the franchise) that survived nuclear holocaust and fight each other.

    Buildings seem rather similar to KKND Krossfire and so is history. Hope this helps a little.

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