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An archive with screens, info and videos for cancelled, beta and unseen videogames for the Playstation 3. Check U64 to understand what it means to preserve lost games.

Untitled Cavia FPS (aka “Catacombs”) [Cancelled - PS3 / X360]

October 31, 2013 by
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Catacombs is a cancelled FPS that was being developed by Cavia for Square-Enix in 2010. The game was never officially announced and the project was shelved in 2011, but in 2012 Siliconera leaked some screenshots and informations about it.

Catacombs was basically an interesting crossover between a RPG with random-generated dungeons and a team-based shooter. The player could upgrade the guns that he found in the ruins but also use magic. Four different characters were available, each one with its own story, which according to the narrative director Brandon Sheffield had an important role in the game:

Since we’re all inherently different and our mind is the only thing we can truly know, then our reality exists only inside of our brains. So each stage was about these people destroying their own fears and doubts and also their identity. They were supposed to be overcoming their sense of self, and how that related to their identity as an American, but also their otherness.”

EDGE in 2012 played an early build of the game that run on a heavily modifed version of Mindjack engine.

For more informations check Siliconera article and EDGE special feature.


Wildlife: Forest Survival [XBLA / PSN - Cancelled]

October 27, 2013 by
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Wildlife: Forest Survival is a canceled game developed by Electronic Arts which it was supposed to be released in 2011 for XBLA/PSN.

The object of Wildlife was to survive in one of the eight different arenas available by exploiting the unique characteristics of the four selectable animals (a hawk, a rabbit, a gator, a fox).

Up to twelve players could also battle each other online. Sadly, it seems that EA decided to shelf the project for good. For more informations about the game check Destructoid preview.



Fallen Frontier [PC / XBLA / PSN - Cancelled]

October 11, 2013 by
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Fallen Frontier is a 2d shooter developed by  Moonshot Games which it was supposed to be released for PC, XBLA and PSN. As we can see from the video and the screenshots below, it seems that the game was directly inspired by Bionic Commando, inasmuch as  the main character could use his grappling hook to pull enemies and to swing across gaps. An offline and online co-op mode was also available.

It looked quite interesting, but unfortunately Moonshot Games decided to cancel Fallen Frontier in 2013  because, as we can read on joystiq, they wanted to focus on mobile and social games instead:

Post-PAX we came to the grim realization that the market had shifted pretty substantially since we first started working on the game,” Isla said. “The console downloadable platforms had plateaued somewhat, and publishers were less excited about investing there. A game that had sold itself easily the first two times all of a sudden became a much harder sell the third time. By that time, the real interest and the accompanying dollars seemed to had moved on to mobile and social.”

For more informations check the co-optimus hands-on.



Manhattan [PS3 - Cancelled Prototype]

June 11, 2013 by
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Manhattan was a survival horror prototype for PlayStation 3, which was in development at Sony Cambridge in 2006. Manhattan had been overcome by a 28 Days later-style virus that had reduced its citizens into a frenzied state of violent zombies. After the city was quarantined from the rest of America, the player had to attempt to escape the chaos and save as many other survivors as possible from the marauding hoards, leading them through the city to safety. The game was pitched as a first-person action game with elements of strategy, as the player tries to keep the survivors alive and get them to various checkpoints.


Max Payne 3 [Beta - PC / Xbox 360 / PS3]

May 9, 2013 by
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Although Max Payne 3 isn’t drastically different from its original beta design, there have been some interesting things cut out or changed. The majority of the research here has been done by me over some long nights.

Article by Dean

The Logo and Design
One of the first minor things changed was the logo for the game. In the picture below, the top logo was first used in promotional material and screens and was likely used to signify the run-down favelas that were first revealed of the game. It’s possible it was changed to accompany the new design choice of chromatic abberation and disorientation that’s currently in the game.

In a 2009 Game Informer article, the game was also initially supposed to take 12 years after the events of Max Payne 2. This was later changed to 8 years in the final product.

The Voice and Body of Max Payne
Something else that was changed during early development was the voice and face of Max Payne. In Max Payne 1, Max’s face model was that of the lead writer, Sam Lake, as there wasn’t a big enough budget to hire an actor. When Max Payne 2 came around, they had a big enough budget to hire actor Timothy Gibbs. Rockstar Games ended up having the series mainstay voice actor, James McCaffrey, as the face model for Max Payne 3. However, he wasn’t always the main choice for the model or even the voice.

In early promotional material and game screens, Timothy Gibbs was still the face model for Max in Max Payne 3. In this image, you can see a promotional image of Timothy Gibbs for Max Payne 2 on the left, and an early promotional image for Max Payne 3 on the right.

In this one, the top is an early beta ingame image of Max Payne 3 using Timothy Gibbs’ face, with the final version of Max Payne 3 using James McCaffrey’s face at the bottom.

There were also changes to Max’s model a few months from the game’s release, as evident by some early screenshots after James McCaffrey was announced as Max’s face model. In this image, you can see the beta texture for Max Payne’s tropical shirt on the left, and the final release shirt on the right. It is also possible to see a small part of the texture for the beta shirt in one of the final tropical shirt textures if you use a texture viewing tool for Max Payne 3.

Actor James McCaffrey, who voiced Max in the first two games, also wasn’t always enlisted to voice Max Payne in the third installment. In a 2009 issue of Game Informer, Rockstar Games stated in an article that James McCaffrey wouldn’t be returning to voice Max, citing age difference as the reason.

Rockstar believes it needs someone older, but doesn’t intend to replace him with an established star, VP of development Jeronimo Barrera pointing out, “We’re good at [casting].”

In the end, James McCaffrey ended up being the voice actor, face model, and doing the majority of the motion capture for Max in the final version of Max Payne 3.

Cut Gameplay
Max Payne 3 was always intended to have the Shootdodge and Bullet-Time gameplay staples of the series, but some new mechanics were added into Max Payne 3 to accommodate modern audiences. The majority of these additions made it into the final game: Last Man Standing, a cover system, and slow-mo action setpieces. One addition that was not in the final game was the ability for Max to take human hostages. This was likely changed because it didn’t fit the fast-paced, dynamic gameplay that is standard in the Max Payne series.

Max will be able to take human shields, and will be able to recover from near-death with a last-minute bullet to his murderer restoring some adrenaline.

Kidnap Gamemode
That’s about as much as I could find for the singleplayer, but there were also things cut out of multiplayer. There’s evidence inside Max Payne 3 code that suggests a kidnapping gamemode was planned. These are entries inside a language file, which contains on-screen prompts for singleplayer and multiplayer.
“|0\ Kidnap Victims Freed” (where the |0\ is a number that would be displayed in a user’s multiplayer statistics)
“|0\ Kidnap Victims Recaptured”
“KIDNAPPED” (this would be displayed if you were kidnapped, obviously)

This also appears to be the description for the gamemode for the different teams playing:
“Get the kidnap victim back to your safehouse. The victim will follow the designated player. Victims will try and escape – shoot to recapture”

“Prevent your team member from being taken to the safehouse. Shoot their kidnappers to give them a chance to escape”

There’s no code left of the gamemode, but it’s likely that there were two teams with one or two players appointed on one team as VIPs, with the other team attempting to kidnap them and bring them to a certain spot on the map alive, while the first team attempts to get their VIP(s) back.
“You are the kidnap victim – while kidnapped you will automatically follow an enemy player. If they get you to their safehouse, your team lose”

Payne Killer
The Payne Killer multiplayer gamemode was in the final release of the game, but it underwent some small changes. In the final version, one to two players are on one team as Max Payne and his buddy Raul Passos respectively, with the other players on a team trying to take down Max and Passos and try to play as them. Whoever plays as Max or Passos the longest with the most kills wins.

It wasn’t always just Max and Passos, however. Looking into the same language files from earlier, there’s evidence that show Mona Sax, the femme fatale from Max Payne 2, was supposed to be playable in Payne Killer. It’s unknown if she was supposed to be a third player, or if she was intended as a substitute for Passos in some maps. Here are some of the lines found in the code of Max Payne 3:


It should be noted that Mona Sax was available as a Deathmatch character in multiplayer if you purchased the Classic Characters DLC pack.

Unused/Scrapped Multiplayer Characters
Max’s Missing Model
There are a number of unused multiplayer character models in the files of the game. I’d like to start off with the ‘Classic Max Payne Character’ DLC. You can buy this DLC for a dollar and play as Max’s model from Max Payne 1 in Deathmatch modes. The actual ingame model used is a high-definition and completely redone one by Rockstar for the game. This isn’t a big issue, except that the picture advertised for this DLC uses a model that is nowhere in the game’s files. The one in the advertisement appears to be Max’s low poly model directly from Max Payne 1, but his jacket texture is redone with modern shaders. It’s likely this was unused. This was the picture used in the advertisement:

And these images are of the HD remodel done by Rockstar and the original model directly from Max Payne 1 from left to right:

The model used in the advertisement may have been scrapped late in development, or acted as a placeholder.

Classic Characters
Continuing along the same line of classic Max Payne 1 and 2 characters in Max Payne 3, there was also a Special Edition DLC pack released for the game’s multiplayer. Included in it are many of the series’ most famous and notable characters, from Mona Sax to Jack Lupino. All of these characters were remodeled with high-definition textures and shaders by Rockstar’s staff, but there were also the low-polygon models directly from the characters’ respective games included in the files of Max Payne 3 that were unusable (with one exception that I will mention in a minute).

I thought these low poly models were initially left in the game accidentally, and were used merely as placeholders for the Special Edition pack while modelers made the high-definition models. However, there’s some code in the game that mentions the high definition and low definition models as completely separate characters. It’s possible they were intended to be in a different pack, or included as alternate versions of the HD models. Like most of the characters in this section of the article, they can be used online again with some code altering.

Going back to the one exception where the low poly character is used, one of the last DLC packs released for Max Payne 3 was called ‘Painful Memories’. This pack included an HD remake of Roscoe Street Station from Max Payne 1 as a multiplayer map. If you happened to play the map in the Payne Killer gamemode, the person playing as Max got to use the low poly model directly from Max Payne 1. A very nice little Easter egg and nod to the original game. Here are a few examples of the low and high polygon models in the game:

Captain Baseball Bat Boy
The case of Captain Baseball Bat Boy as a multiplayer character is very peculiar. He was originally featured in Max Payne 2, and was in several television easter eggs in Max Payne 3′s singleplayer. A few weeks after Max Payne 3 launched, a few people found multiplayer taunts for Captain Baseball Bat Boy in the game’s files. It’s worth noting here that only his sound files were in the game at this point. You can listen to some of these taunts here.

A scrapped character is understandable, but that’s not the peculiar part of this story. Those taunts were included with the game, but not the model. When the very last DLC pack came out, ‘Deathmatch Made in Heaven’, it added a few new gamemodes. One of the gamemodes added was called ‘Run & Stun’. The goal for this gamemode is that one player acting as ‘Saci’, a character from the Captain Baseball Bat Boy universe, has increased health, stamina, and a stungun and must convert players to his side by stunning and punching them. Players on Saci’s side respawn with a stungun and a novelty Saci mask on their character. There were three extra unused models released with this DLC pack, and I have absolutely no idea what they were going to be used for. One of them is actually Captain Baseball Bat Boy’s model as a teenager, another version of CBBB as an old man, and a CBBB mask similar to Saci’s. One can only speculate at what these could have been used for in the gamemode.

The Rest of the Unused Gang
There are a couple other multiplayer characters left in the files of Max Payne 3 that weren’t used in the final game. It’s possible they may still be unlocked, but it seems very unlikely. Looking into the code, the majority of them were supposed to be rewards for winning Rockstar Social Club Multiplayer Events, but it has been a year since the game came out and none of these Deathmatch characters have been unlocked. I am taking that as a sign that they won’t be unlocked. Some of these include some characters unlockable for use in the game’s ‘Arcade’ mode but not in multiplayer, like the black & white noir Max Paynes or the Gameboy Advance Max. Some of these characters are just plain bizarre, like the inverted Max Paynes (the white Max Payne in the picture below) and the Curupira, which is a demon baby with backwards feet out of Brazillian folklore. The Curupira is by far the strangest thing in the game, and even has a black & white version of its model complete with terrifying taunt audio.

I have no idea why it wasn’t included as a usable character in the final game’s multiplayer.

Project Delta [PS3/X360 - Cancelled]

April 19, 2013 by
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Project Delta is a cancelled FPS that was in development in 2005 by PlayLogic for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The game was announced when the “next gen consoles” were still not released, but it soon vanished without any official statement. It’s possible that Delta was originally in development for the PS2 and XBOX, with the code name “Project Snap”, another cancelled FPS that Playlogic was working on in 2004.

Project Delta’s gameplay was going to be more tactical than the usual first-person shooter: while shooting with our main character, we would had to command a team of soldiers and comfort or threaten them during the battles. The game was set in different time periods, as the story dealt with time travels from the future back to the dark ages.

Project Delta was cancelled for unknown reasons, but we can speculate that the team had some development or quality problems. Only few concept arts and models remain from the project, preserved in the gallery below.


Tomb Raider: Ascension (2013) [Beta / Prototype - PS3 / Xbox 360]

March 27, 2013 by
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Tomb Raider 2013 was released recently to welcoming applaud and incredible reviews. The team at Crystal Dynamics have managed to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise successfully. However, it seems that the development process took a rather sharp turn. Or at least we’ve accidentally received a peek of Lara’s future…

Concept art was released immediately after announcement which holds lots of things not included in Tomb Raider’s final draft, and the concept lead many people to believe Tomb Raider was going to become something of a horror-genre game. And only recently, a video revealing a prototype Tomb Raider was released online (with some scenes that almost look like NICO / Shadow of the Colossus, with an huge enemy and Lara on a horse). Perhaps there still remains to be a sequel involving these aspects of the prototype, or perhaps these early foundations have been totally discarded, but we must wait and find out.

Below is listed the most significant changes to Tomb Raider in list form:

Article by Euan

- The name changed from “Tomb Raider: Ascension” to just “Tomb Raider”. Relating to the ascension of Lara Croft from naive student to the lady as we know it, and the ascension of Queen Himiko’s soul from one body to the next, the name of the original game changed to show that the series is truly being rebooted by sharing a title with its earliest predecessor. Thankfully, this action meant there was no clash with the most recent God of War title.

- The fantasy aspects have been reduced vastly. Ascension appears to have had many different enemies that were rather fantasy-orientated. Giants and undead-like creatures can be seen fully drawn in concept art and even fairly close to completion in the leaked prototype video at the bottom of the article.

- Lara can no longer ride horses. The concept art and the prototype video both show Lara riding a horse.

- Lara once had a young companion. Similar to the renown Walking Dead game, Tomb Raider appeared to have a child companion by Lara’s side to both help her fight (seemingly) and for Lara to take care of. It would be interesting to see this side of Ms Croft. The child (little girl) can be seen in an image and in the prototype video.

- Lara’s cleaver/machete. It seems by the look of things that Lara was once designed to have a cleaver or machete. This could have been where the idea of melee attacks originated from.

- Lara’s doppelganger reappearance. In both the original game and in TR: Underworld, Lara almost met her match when she met her own doppelganger (clone). It would appear that by this leaked in-game image (which judging by the level of rendering and familiarity of the scene was stripped from the game quite late on) Lara comes face to face again with her doppelganger. Though it’s not easy to tell, the silhouette figure attacking Lara bears a striking resemble to the girl herself and even holds her pickaxe. Perhaps this is where it was originally intended she found it.

- The forgotten survivor; Steph. If you are familiar with Tomb Raider’s multiplayer you will know that there is a character who is never mentioned in the campaign. This girl is Steph. It is thought that Steph’s inclusion flatlined due to her unnecessary presence. There was no way for the player to connect to her, especially as her personally would resemble Sam’s to much seemingly. Her shorts also make many of us reminisce about nostalgic Lara. Steph is playable in multiplayer, but in rather late footage of Tomb Raider we hear her talked of by Lara, specifically the Crossroads trailer (below). Steph is mentioned twice, as Lara leaves the scavenger’s den we see Steph’s strung up, dead body and hear Lara’s shock. When Sam is kidnapped and the other survivors rescue her we hear her tell Roth that a man took sam and Lara exclaims that he was “like the one who… killed Steph.”

Below is the Crossroads trailer for TR. The start time is at 34 seconds in so that it is already skipped nearer the part mentioning Steph.

- Lara’s look. It seems that lara’s iconic look has ranged from what it is now to the gunslinger style we’ve grown to love throughout the development process. (See prototype video)

- Total Free-roam. The high demand for Crystal Dynamics to include free roam into Tomb Raider meant a lot of experimentation for the franchise. The finished result is now hubs that are efficiently proportioned and varied over Yamatai. But, it seems from the prototype video that early Tomb Raider included it. See below for more:


Dreamers [Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC - Cancelled]

March 26, 2013 by
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Dreamers is a action adventure game that was in development by Dreamgazers Interactive, for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The project was announced as in development for “next gen consoles” in 2004, but as of today (2010), Dreamers remains unreleased and probably it will never be published. In 2008 PSU had an interview with Dreamgazers President and Creative Director George Georgeadis, asking for more info about their game:

“Haha, yes we are still alive,” said Georgeadis. “However many changes have occurred regarding the company and project, changes that I am unfortunately not in a position to disclose.”

Sadly the latest entry in Dreamgazers’ Blog is from 2007 and even if their website and Dreamers’ official website are still online, the lack of news make us to assume that the team was disbanded and their game cancelled, probably because they never found a publisher.

Some more info on Dreamer’s story can be read in the official website:

Dreamers is a game about a young man in his 20′s, Jorge, who suffers from a bizarre form of narcolepsy. Characterized by sudden and uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep, narcolepsy is a disorder that is also sometimes accompanied by paralysis and hallucinations

Players would had to explore Jorge’s dreams and nightmares to heal him from his problems and find more about his past. It’s currently unknown how much of the game was completed before the development was stopped.


Saints Row: Money Shot [Cancelled - Xbox 360/PS3]

March 23, 2013 by
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Saints Row: Money Shot was an action/adventure game scheduled to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network sometime in late 2011. It was never officially announced by THQ or Volition, but it was leaked to the web in August 2011. From the existing screenshots and video, we can see that it was going to be some kind of on-rails game where you have to control a bullet in slow-motion through various obstacles before finally hitting your target. Here’s its official description from the leaked XBLA entry.

You are Cypher, a deadly assassin in the world of Saints Row, and you hunt the most elusive targets with the most sophisticated weaponry that Ultor has to offer. How sophisticated? You have the ability to control the path of your bullet to such a degree that you can weave through the hallway of an apartment complex, steer through the legs of a hooker, and even snake your way through a moving train! Avoid striking solid objects and unintended bystanders and make sure you hit your mark!

Within a week of its leaking, Kotaku discovered that the Australian Classification Board had rated Saints Row: Money Shot already, hinting that it was possibly close to release at this point.

In an interview with, former THQ boss Danny Bilson stated that Saints Row: Money Shot was still not shelved and that it would possibly be released on the PSN instead as a free game.

On the XBLA, the game would have cost 800 Microsoft Points, and it appears that playing through it would earn you unlockable items for Saints Row: The Third. These items would later be released as a DLC pack called the “Money Shot Pack,” which contained the gun and suit seen in the game as well as a new hover bike, but the “Money Shot” game itself was never included and was officially considered cancelled by this point. Here is some leaked footage of the game from a Czech gaming site.

Article by Tony Lokester



Saw [Beta / Unused Stuff - Xbox 360, PS3, PC]

February 23, 2013 by
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Saw: The Video Game is a third person survival horror with action elements. It was developed by Zombie Studios and published by Konami. The Gamespot’s video from Konami Gamers Night 2009 is quite interesting. It shows early beta version of first level, where everything is work-in-progress. It is most noticeable that the bathroom and its lighting were different, there was a placeholder character on the place of detective Tapp and the place outside the bathroom looked completely different from the final version of the game.

Information about early beta version of the game was available from the blogspot blog “Dani’s Portfolio” ( until it was deleted. The blog post was made in December 2008. This information includes screenshots from very early version of the game. The profile of the post author is still online: . Thankfully, I made a copy of that post before it was deleted, and if you’re interested, you can download it here.

Now, on to the unused content. The PC version of the game comes with level editor included, and unused content can be found by browsing the game’s packages with it. I made two small maps to demonstrate some of it.

Before the release of the game, it was rumored that the character Dr. Gordon will be in it, but he wasn’t found there: the developers cancelled this idea. But they left the character, his 3D model, and some dialogues related to him in the game as an unused content. In the interview John Williamson from Zombie, Inc said:

Dr. Gordon is at the top of our lists to explore. He was actually in an early version of the first SAW game, but Lionsgate had plans for him of their own…


Saw game also features ability to make the player play as any character other than Detective Tapp, unused animations, items and characters. Some unused content was used in the Saw 2 game, for example, character Carla.

The Truth Mod uses ability to play as another character, unused music and dialogues. The mod’s teaser video begins with Melissa’s unused dialogue, few seconds later you can hear a couple of unused phrases voiced by Tobin Bell.

Among the pictures included in this article, you can see an image of GUI which says “(PLAYERNAME/GAMERTAG) wishes to join your current game…” (CookedPC\Packages\UI\UI_HUD_Scenes_SAW.upk\JoinRequest). Apparently it was left from 2-player coop mode which was originally planned. The video file SawGame\Movies\trap_fail.bik shows Tapp and Amanda both at the end of the Chapter 2 – Jennings, while in the actual game Amanda gets captured at the beginning of it, so this video looks like another leftover from coop mode.

If you want to see more unused content, launch the game with “editor” command-line parameter and browse the resources with Generic Browser.

Article by EmoLevelDesigner



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