[Unheard Interview] Retro City Rampage Creator talks about the game and its unseen features

[Unheard Interview] Retro City Rampage Creator talks about the game and its unseen features

After starting life as Grand Theftendo, an NES de-make of Grand Theft Auto 3, Retro City Rampage has become what the creator calls an “Open World Action Parody”, and all that remains of GTA is the gameplay. In an audio interview for Unseen64, the creator, Brian Provinciano, reveals a new vehicle, the reason behind parodying the TMNT Water Level of legend, and a feature he wanted to include, but plans instead to use it in a hopeful sequel.

Retro City Rampage should be available for download on WiiWare, PSN and XBLA in the next few months! Check www.retrocityrampage.com for more info and news about the game, or listen the video below for our interview with Brian!

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