The Magical Ninjya: Jiraiya Kenzan [PS2 - Cancelled]

February 3, 2010 by
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The Magical Ninjya: Jiraiya Kenzan (also know as Magical Ninja Ji Rai Ya) is a cancelled action game / platform that was in development in 2002 / 2003 by Capcom Production Studio 3 for the Playstation 2. The project was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2003 but it soon vanished from Capcom’s release list and in the end Jiraiya was canned for unknown reasons. The gameplay would have probably been similar to the Mystical Ninja Goemon series or  i-Ninja, with an interesting coop multiplayer mode for 2 players.

Players would also been able to summon beasts to help in battles, and earn new beasts by beating the game’s bosses. The 2° player in coop mode could have chose if being another ninja or if use one of these beasts.

Originally Capcom released few screens, some artworks and a trailer of Jiraiya Kenzan, but sadly only the images are preserved in the  gallery below. The trailer (that was once available at Capcom’s official website) it’s now gone, so if you still have a copy of this (the file was named jiraiya_320.mpg), please let us know! The game’s characters were designed by Susumu Matsushita, the artist responsible for the design in Capcom’s Maximo series.

Thanks to Userdante and Celine for the contributions!


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