Dealer: Chronic, Pills & Coke [XBOX/PS2/PC – Cancelled]

Dealer: Chronic, Pills & Coke [XBOX/PS2/PC – Cancelled]

Dealer:  Chronic, Pills & Coke is a cancelled action game / third person shooter that was in development by Nagual Games in 2004, for Playstation 2, Xbox and PC. As we can read in the original press release, the game was set in a huge metropolis, with a lot of driving and shooting,  a gameplay similar to GTA, in which the player was able to take part in the bloody and amusing adventures of a drug dealer.

The main object of Dealer was to build up a prosperous, illegal distribution network with one of the four characters available: the player had to expand the business by buying a drug lab, a cellar to grow mushrooms or even a marijuana plantation. The extra money were used to buy extraordinary cars, weapons , whore houses and luxurious properties.

Some of the unseen features:

  • Drugs, weapons, and sex – unpredictable and explicit story + free game course;
  • Prevention – the game demonstrates the effects, traps and dangers of various drugs;
  • Adult content – Night clubs, junkie prostitutes and sexy women;
  • Completely lifelike, enormous and elaborate city (Ghetto, Harbor, Downtown, Beach, Suburbs, Hills, Luxury seashore etc.)
  • Different drugs – different effects (Depending on the type of drug and consumption and use: morphed tracks, +/- health, speeding up/slowing down time, +/- susceptibility to injuries, freshness/tiredness, bent walking, falling asleep, addiction etc. – even lethal overdose).
  • 60 different NPCs;
  • 40 different controllable vehicles, controlled by AI;
  • 20 complex missions from the storyline +10 hidden or optional missions;
  • Multi-play
  • 40+ hours game play

The game was developed on the BioGraphic Inc. Gamebryo engine, a 3d-game engine used for other titles as “Morrowind”, “Dark Age of Camelot” “Axis & Allies”, but sadly there are no in-game screenshots from Dealer:  Chronic, Pills & Coke preserved yet, only few artworks in the gallery below.

The game was cancelled for unknown reasons, but we could speculate that Nagual never found a publisher interested in the project.

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