GTA / Race’n'Chase [PSX - Concept / Proto]

December 9, 2008 by
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Race N Chase was the original project name for the now famous Grand Theft Auto serie, when it was still just a concept in the DMA Design’s minds. Thanks to Mikedaily Flickr account we can see a nice mockup from the early development of the first game. And here one of the first versions of the game that was posted on Mike Daily’s page some time ago.


This was drawn by Mike to see better isometric rendering in the 1st GTA prototype.


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7 thoughts on “GTA / Race’n'Chase [PSX - Concept / Proto]

  1. Rafael Bari

    Tested the Elian Prototype using DOSBox on Windows 7
    Its cool for a prototype.
    And, in the Readme says that Cops and Robbers was an other name considered

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