Tosym Corporation

Katana [XBOX – Concept]

Katana is the WIP project name of a cancelled game that was pitched for the Xbox in 2002, by Tosym Corporation (?). In january 2009 a government agent has accidentally leaked several gigs of personal, business and government files: between those files, there was also the Katana game proposal. The project was probably cancelled in early development, with only few concepts done.

As we can read on Kotaku:

[…] the Japanese bureaucrat opened several well-known trojans that are often embedded in files found in filesharing programs Winny or Share, which upload and distribute files to uploaders specified by the virus. […]

Dubbed Katana, the leaked Xbox game submission was never made and was a proposal submitted back in 2002 under a company the agent previously ran. The proposed game is cringe worthy Final Fantasy-esque RPG stuff, complete with some hooky story involving nine stories, 100-player online multiplayer duel, and the possibility of having Janne Darc, Jack the Ripper, Ned Kelly, Musashi Miyamoto and Bruce Lee battle each other.