Titan [PS3 – Cancelled]

Titan was a concept for a game that was in development at StormFront Studios (the original creators of Neverwinter Nights) before it was closed down on March 31, 2008. From the look of the few artworks available, it seems that the game was going to be an action adventure / third person shooter, with an huge robot to use as support in the battles. Sadly Titan was cancelled with the death of StormFront.


HALO MMO (Titan) [X360 PC – Cancelled]

Our nice friends Robert Seddon and Batzarro have linked us to an intersting news that was spotted on Game Set Watch and Gamasutra, that talks about the find of some screenshots from “Titan Project”, an HALO inspired Massive Multiplayer Online game that was in development at Ensemble Studios, but was cancelled in 2007.

Ensemble Studios has recently closed (for financial problems?) after they had finished to work on Halo Wars and a supposed former employer of the team has started to share screens and some infos about the cancelled games that he worked on. On his Flickr Account we can see a wonderfull collection of images from Titan, and on his blog we can read that: “In 2005 Ensemble Studios completed Age of Empires III. Following that, several game prototypes (a major one was ‘Wrench’, more at a later point) were developed. One of them was a Halo inspired MMO codenamed Titan; cancelled after around two years in June 2007.”