The Getaway [PSX – Prototype]

The Getaway is an action game developed by Team SOHO, and published by Sony for the PlayStation 2, released in 2002. The game originally began life on the 32-bit PlayStation, off the back of Porsche Challenge. After having made an acclaimed circuit driving game, Team SOHO – like many other developers at the time – felt that a free roaming vehicle game was an interesting concept worth exploring. The title was prototyped and playable missions were made, but it then evolved into a PS2 project. However, the original code was kept and there was talk of including it in the finished game, which would ultimately not happen. Apart from several screenshots printed in the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, the original version would never see release. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Thanks a lot to Celine for the contribution and thanks to Martin Bigg for the scans!