T-Rex [Playstation Tech Demo]

When it was presented for the first time on the PlayStation, this T-Rex tech demo showed that there was a very impassioned presence: The head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, being controlled by a Sony employee, via joypad. With the directional keys being able to rotate and manipulate it at will, as well as open its mouth and eyes. Out of curiosity, the demo with the dinosaur full of body, tail and feet is in the demo disc of first editions of the PlayStation. These old target render images should have been spread before the real-time version of the T-Rex. The graphics shown were undoubtedly much higher than the capacity of the first Sony console.

More details about this mysterious demo were found by  Daneasaur:

In either an issue of Playstation Magazine or Gamepro, it was discussed about how to make a good Jurassic Park game with a believable skin for the dinosaurs. The first prototype is the one presented and talked about in your article. I managed to come across the original video and have uploaded it.
It was eventually opted out in exchange for the fewer polygonal models boasting a mesh system that became the basis for Warpath: Jurassic park.
I also have information regarding this image:
This image has a confusing background, but I will try to explain. There was an old computer disc program featuring small snippets of dinosaur videos of varying quality, back before the internet was fully running up to speed, so some time in the late 90’s. One of these videos featured two tyrannosaurs chasing two corythosaurus. however, one of them gives up the hunt and chases the cameraman.
The game was a computer game called “3D Dinosaur Adventure“. The two primary scenes folks remember were “the Chase” as I linked previously, and the second scene is “Tyrannosaurus comes alive”:
However, this animation was used later by another company. This company made a program that aired on The Learning Channel in USA called “Hunting the Dragon” (overseas name of “Hunting the Dragon” was changed to “Beyond Jurassic”). In it, they discussed the mechanics of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Mamenchisaurus. This program cleaned up the chase sequence from above, had it running at 60fps, and featured a tyrannosaurus catching one of the Corythosaurus. New scenes were even added, including the conclusion to the hunt.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toAlme4T-y8 4:10, 11:40, and 14:15 specifically.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0AJ3cWvyrM 10:10 concludes the animations of the Tyrannosaurus rex information.

Thanks to ForWhomTheBellTolls for the english translation!


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