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Spyral Saga [PSX – Cancelled]

Spyral Saga was a large, ambitious adventure game, created by Software Creations, planned for the PlayStation, and a sequel to the Super Nintendo game Equinox. However, only the isometric perspective and style of gameplay were kept the same; the story did not continue from this game.

Work initially started on the 1st of January, 1995, under the leadership of Ste Pickford (the game’s designer, producer and lead artist). The programming team included Andy Miah, David Gill and Pete Scott, while the graphics and concept designs were created by Justin Eagleton, Lyndon Brooke, Dave Mac and Weston Samuels, among others.

Although published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, the game had a planned worldwide release. Progress on the game slowed due to multiple development complications, and the project was eventually cut after Pickford left Software Creations to found a new company, Zed Two.

While not much more information on this game is available, it is likely that its gameplay would have been very similar to that of its prequel, Equinox (which is in turn a sequel to the Nintendo game Solstice). This game combines puzzle-solving and adventure elements, presented from an isometric perspective, and the player must traverse rooms searching for tokens to unlock boss fights and new areas.

The only available screenshot from Spyral Saga  (shared by the Pickford bros in their site) appears to show a significant improvement to the graphics engine (as expected on the PlayStation) and a more open environment than in Equinox. Thanks to Scatman we were also able to preserve a second image!

Article by Franklint