SIMS Co. Ltd

SCL R&D Project [PS3 – Prototype / Tech Demo]

In 2005 / 2006 SIMS Co. Ltd were working on a prototype for the Playstation 3, to use as their tech demo for future projects on the console. This demo was created with Unreal Engine 3, showing some buildings and an open world, but without any real gameplay planned yet.



Ookami Hei (Ranpin) [Sega CD – Cancelled]

In December 2008 GDRI has created a topic in the Lost Levels forum linking to a japanese blog, that had posted some scans with cancelled Sega Mega CD games. One of these unreleased games is Ookami Hei (Wolf Soldier – Ranpin) an action game that was in development by SIMS. As Dais suggests in the same topic, it seems that the working title of the game was “Ranpin” as also noted by Gamengai:

Ranpin: A side-scrolling action game by Sims, which was to be compatible with the Fighting Pad 6B. Had a setting like that of Dennin Aleste (a mechanical, medievil Japan) and featured the same character designer as Devil Buster.