New World Computing

Viper: Red Sector [PSX – Cancelled]

Viper: Red Sector is a cancelled sci-fi shooter that was in development by New World Computing for the original Playstation. The game was based around aerial combats with a squadron of robot fighter planes and the player had to eliminate a race of irate synthetic humanoids through more than 40 levels. The missions were set in open areas, so that you would have been able to freely explore the world to reach the different objectives.  We dont know how much it was completed before 3DO purchased New World and decided to cancel the project.

In 1998 Ocean released another flying shooter for the PSX named Viper, but it should not  be related to Red Sector as it was developed by X-ample.

An image probably taken from a Viper: Red Sector’s FMV was found in EGM #84


Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Forge [PC – Beta]

So there is this game, you might’ve heard about it: Heroes of Might and Magic 3. You might have heard of it’s expansion Armaggedon’s Blade. You might also have heard of Conflux, one of the “towns” (town = faction) that was added with the expansion.

Oh yeah, you might say, what’s so special about that town?

Well, here’s the deal: The Conflux was not supposed to be there in the beginning. There was no Conflux. Only Zuul- I mean Forge.

Omgzorz, what is Forge? Why was it removed? Well, Forge was a town that was supposed to be in the expansion but got removed due to poor fan reactions. The Forge was to be a town with a sci-fiction theme (like zombies with razorsaws as hands or humans with flamethrowers).