Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Forge [PC – Beta]

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Forge [PC – Beta]

So there is this game, you might’ve heard about it: Heroes of Might and Magic 3. You might have heard of it’s expansion Armaggedon’s Blade. You might also have heard of Conflux, one of the “towns” (town = faction) that was added with the expansion.

Oh yeah, you might say, what’s so special about that town?

Well, here’s the deal: The Conflux was not supposed to be there in the beginning. There was no Conflux. Only Zuul- I mean Forge.

Omgzorz, what is Forge? Why was it removed? Well, Forge was a town that was supposed to be in the expansion but got removed due to poor fan reactions. The Forge was to be a town with a sci-fiction theme (like zombies with razorsaws as hands or humans with flamethrowers).


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The story behind the Forge closely follows the conclusion to Might and Magic VII, more in particularly the ending to those heroes who succeeded on the Path of Darkness. Archibald’s former advisors regroup, discovering a mysterious and powerful ancient artifact known only as the Heavenly Forge. Armed with this power, the advisors can create an entirely new base of operations, known as the Forge, a futuristic wonder world of cogs, wheels, and factories capable of creating fierce robot warriors that wield powerful hi-tech weaponry. Archibald’s advisors pitch their camp at their new base of operations and begin to build. Their object is nothing less than the conquest of Erathia.

Not to sound bias, but the typical Heroes fan aware of the implement of the Forge, was totally against the idea. The Forge represented a clash of fantasy and science fiction. Something the Might and Magic universe has had a long time. It is practically tradition. Heroes of Might and Magic lacked on the sci-fi portion of this universe, which was one of the main reasons NWC considered adding this town into the series.

Despite having no screen shots of anything sci-fi at this particular moment, fans around the world began posting their honest thoughts at the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Board. Most of which desperately begged NWC to reconsider their actions, and the immediate removal of the Forge. Others threatened that they would boycott the game if the Forge were implemented, and still others found some of the sketchs so obscene that they argued that the Forge was ‘untasteful’ (see the Naga tank).

Only weeks after the sketches and artwork were released by Gamespot, an article by Michael Mullen was spotted on the very site that had first distributed the images (see Links for the full story.). Mullen had stated that through sources at 3do, NWC, and Greg Fulton, that the Forge was basically history. Removed due to the uprising against the Forge.


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