Speed Tribes [PSX PC – Cancelled]

Speed Tribes is a cancelled shooter / racing game that was in development  in 1997 / 1998 by Nemicron and it would have been published by THQ for the original Playstation and PC. The project was based off a comic of the same name (or was the comic created just to promote the game?), in which six tribes of riders fight to became the leaders of the city.

In the game, players would have chosen one of the tribes and used aero-bikes to combat against the rival riders in open arenas. Many multiplayer modes were planned, especially for the PC version.

Mark Vanco (an American cyberpunk designer and artist) was involved with the creation of the comic and the game’s world. In the end Speed Tribes was never finished for unkown reasons and Nemicron closed down after a while.

Thanks a lot to Martin Jajam for his help in preserving more screens from this lost project!