Johnson Voorsanger Productions

ToeJam & Earl 4 [DS – Cancelled]

A new game in the ToeJam & Earl series was planned for the Nintendo DS, but later cancelled for the lack of interest from publishers. The original ToeJam & Earl is a crazy action game developed by Johnson Voorsanger Productions and published by Sega for the Mega Drive / Genesis in 1991. The story centers on the titular ToeJam and Earl, alien rappers who have crash-landed on Earth.

Greg Johnson still have the rights to the TJ&E property and as we can read on Joystiq:

As far as another entry in the series goes, Johnson told us he worked on a pitch for “TJ&E4” as recently as two years ago. Based on the pitch document and images, TJ&E4 was to be a DS remake of the first ToeJam & Earl, albeit with some new additions. “After the Xbox game released in 2002, I tried really hard to get a new TJ&E game off the ground – right up until about two years ago. I was really hoping to do a multiplayer DS version – but didn’t have any luck getting interest from any publisher – I approached pretty much all of them. Right now my studio is pretty busy with other stuff, but I plan to get back to seeing if I can’t make TJ&E games in the future.”