illusion of gaia

Illusion Of Gaia / Time [SNES – Beta / Unused Stuff]

Arcane on the X-Cult forum, has posted a weird screen from an early build of Illusion of Gaia (Illusion of Time in Europe), that shows some sprites unused in the final version of the game. You can read the full topic at x-cult: Illusion of Gaia head? It seems that there’s even a beta version of the game that has been leaked online, with a different title screen, different translation, names and more stuff.

Thanks to Robert Seddon we know that the title screen (based on the Japanese title screen; completely different versions were used in the final Western releases) calls it Soul Blazer: Illusion of Gaia, whereas no officially released version of the game identifies Soul Blazer as a related game. (See HG101 for the links between S.B. and I.o.G.).

Adrien BAPTIS has made us notice about 3 beta / unused items that can be found in the ROM of the game via Action replay. (Note :names from the french version)

7E0AB405 = Mélodie Maya
(Description in-game : “Conseil du père: voir les Mayas avec la mélodie”)
7E0AB415 = Journal bleu
(Description in-game : “Journal trouvé dans l’âtre”)
7E0AB41B = Sac d’or
(Description in-game : “Récompense du Gobelet Russe”)

Jesse shared with us some more info on these unused items:

One is an un-used melody.

Another is a sac of gold.

The last one is a travel journal. I remember hearing it was Olman’s (Will’s father.)

The sac of gold of the journal were hidden behind a chimney, if I remember correctly.

If you have more infos on the beta version of Illusion Of Gaia, please let us know

Thanks to Adrien Baptis, Robert Seddon and Jesse for the contributions!