Gremlins (Krome Studios) [Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

As you probably know Gremlins is a 1984 comedy horror film directed by Joe Dante and released by Warner Bros, a commercial success spawning a sequel and lots of merchandise. A few officially licensed video games were published for Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Game Boy Color, Wii and DS. A Playstation 2 Gremlins was in development in the mid ‘00s, but soon cancelled.

Many years later, Krome Studios (mostly known for Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and Spyro: A New Beginning) pitched another Gremlins video game, planned for Xbox 360. In the end the game was not green lighted by Warner Bros, and it became another cancelled Gremlins game we’ll never play. A few screenshots were found by fans of the series, preserved in the gallery below to remember the existence of this lost project.

A former Krome developer shared some details on this pitch on NeoGAF:

“[…] you played ad gizmo running around hiding from adult gremlins setting up elaborate rude goldberg – incredible machine style physics traps to kill them in all sorts of gruesome ways. Even had a little street scene modelled of the town in the first movie with snow and Xmas lights, gremlins everywhere running amuck overturning cars and shit.”

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Gremlins [PS2 – Unreleased]

“Set 20 years after the movies, Gremlins allows you to play as either Gizmo or Stripe. The plot is centred around the idea that the town of Kingston Falls has gathered to pay belated respect to Gizmo and his owner Billy for saving the town over two decades ago. That night however, Gizmo gets splashed with water that causes him to spew out hoards of Gremlins. Which, obviously, you must track down and kill so the party can continue. Just pray that somebody doesn’t use this plot for a Gremlins 3 movie.Rather than creating a standard platform game, developers LSP have included a team-management element – similar to the one found in last year’s Conflict Desert Storm. You can control your troops using the trigger buttons, and also give them orders. There are eleven areas to explore including a bank and a school, each of which is filled with Gremlins dressed up as policemen, mafia types and so on.” [Cancelled]

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