Zero Racers [VB – Cancelled]

Zero Racers (G-Zero) is a cancelled game for the Virtual Boy that was in development alongside F-Zero X that was close to completion. A prototype exists, since the game was previewed by Nintendo Power and has been seen at E3 1996. Gameplay differs in one important point from its predecessor and all F-Zero games released afterwards. In Zero Racers another dimension is being made use of. It is possible to speed through the three physical dimensions of space in the turning tunnels. – [source: Wikipedia]


Vic Viper [Arcade – Cancelled]

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F-Zero X [N64 – Beta]


It seems that the few beta images of F-zero that we have aren’t that different from the final screenshots. But,after all, what could have changed in a game where the only graphical elements are virtually the spaceships and the track ? The hub, obviuously. The power bar was red, the map, the laps and the ranking data were still missing, the speed indicator was different, and there were some mysterious numbers in the down left side of screen.

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Beta Version:


Final Version:



The beta movie was taken from the video seen at Nintendo SpaceWorld ’97. You can see a later beta version of F-Zero X.
It didn’t change soo much : the only things that are different from the final version are:

  • Some textures
  • Some tracks
  • The explosion of a ship
  • The hud (in the top shows like “30th” and not “30/30”)
  • The health bar