Shadow Stalker [SNES – Cancelled]

Shadow Stalker is a cancelled 2D side scrolling action game that was in development in 1993 by Athena for the Super Nintendo / Super Famicom. From the few screens preserved in the gallery below (scanned from Console Plus #24,  EGM #51 and Game Power #25), we can assume that the game was probably going to play similar to Shinobi / Ninja Gaiden, but with lots of huge robots and other mechanical enemies.

Thanks to Alex and Celine for the contributions!


Dezaemon DD [64 DD – Cancelled]


Dezaemon 3D is a shoot ’em up game creator developed by  Athena and released for the Nintendo 64 only in Japan in 1998. The game was one in which one could design their own shooting game levels similar to the levels shown in Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth. The game had nearly limitless options, from creating the stage boss or adding a custom soundtrack for each level. A 64DD add-on was planned but they never released it: only some messages from the editor mode reveale this unused connection, as you can see from the screenshots below.