Air Drums [Genesis / Mega Drive – Cancelled]

When Sega presented their quirky Activator add-on controller, they shown two games meant to be pack-in for the peripheral. One was Bounty Hunter while the other was an air drum simulation called, guess what, Air Drums. Both games however were cancelled.

Scan from Super Sonic issue 21.


Bounty Hunter [Genesis / Mega Drive – Cancelled?]

Bounty Hunter is a cancelled (?) beat ’em up that was in development for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. In the game you would have take the role of Garrot, a bounty hunter in the year 2397. You had to travel to four different fantasy realms to neutralize the evil dwellers beating them up using your own fists and feet through Sega’s Activator. In fact Bounty Hunter was planned to be packed with the quirky Sega’s device but in the end it doesn’t seem to ever be released.

Scan from italian Game Power magazine issue 21.