Saints Row: Undercover – Download the Playable PSP Prototype


Some days ago we wrote about Saints Row: Undercover, the cancelled PSP game revealed by Volition during one of their weekly Twitch Streams. Today you will be able to play the prototype yourself: the lovely people at Volition created a playable ISO for the Undercover prototype and shared it with us to be preserved and archived.

You can download the unfinished prototype version of Saints Row: Undercover from the links below (.ISO file, 431 MB):

There are 3 mirrors at the moment, in case one of them doesn’t work anymore let us know in the comments below!

The prototype is fully playable on PC with a PSP emulator as the PPSSPP, if you are able to use it on a modded console let us know (here a guide that should work, they were also able to play in multiplayer on PSP)! As we wrote before, please show Volition your support, follow them on Twitch, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, if they will get enough good feedback then in the future they could show even more lost games that are still hidden away in their archives!

86 thoughts on “Saints Row: Undercover – Download the Playable PSP Prototype

  1. DefecitveFuture

    6.61 PRO-C Modded PSP 2000 gives an error while trying to run the game. Error (8001002). I think the game will only run on the firmware its dev kit ran.

  2. Shamus

    Trying to play it on my modded PSP that can play PSP ISOs and sadly does not work for me, I keep getting a game could not work error.

  3. Stephen McKeever

    I’ve tried this on a modded PSP Go (6.20 PRO B-10), unfortunately, no luck. Game crashes instantly. Works fine on PPSSPP.

  4. PepsimanGB

    I don’t have my PSP on hand to try it out on native hardware, but if you’re having trouble, it seems to run fine in PPSSPP, at least in my experience. Give that a shot if you can!

  5. npt

    What is the error? I have a devkit on the latest fw and of course the sdk; I’m licensed and such.. give me more info, I will see if I can load it on my DTP-H1000A or even my less cool DTP-1500A. Both of those are put away (about to move) but I may have to dig out some boxes labeled “devkits” after seeing this.


      1. Phallicunt

        Please use some other host. Mega isn’t doesn’t like my connection very much. Mediafire is great.

  6. Sam Jones

    Btw ya really should post the checksum to recheck. It seems that many have problems here with the file.

    1. TurboBr0

      I’m trying to get the checksum but 7zip is acting up for me and keeps popping up with “Operation is not supported”. Happens with other archives too that weren’t even compressed by me. I’ll look into it later today. Sorry about that, I’m not an expert so I just used default settings with compression level set to ultra.

      As for legality of hosting, I actually don’t know but I’m sure they don’t really care seeing that it’s a cancelled game for a dead platform.

      1. monokoma Post author

        it should be ok, as the file was shared with us by the same people that own the copyright of the game :) thanks for creating the mirror! i don’t know if our ones will stay online, maybe they have some bandwidth limits, i’ll have to add more as soon as i have some time

      2. Sam Jones

        Why so complicated? Use the cmd and switch to your file folder. Then type in:
        CertUtil -hashfile NAMEOFYOURFILE.FORMAT MD5
        You can write MD5 or MD2 MD4 MD5 SHA1 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512
        Also for your file it will be

        CertUtil -hashfile SRUPSP.7z MD5

        Have fun :)

  7. Anon

    Wow, Volition… way to earn my support of you as a developer. I haven’t played any of your games yet, but that’s changing now. Just amazing!

  8. Sam Jones

    Who is the bad cookie who del my comment? Ò_Ó
    A direct link is important or not? So keep an attention of your finger buddy!

  9. Someone

    Doesnt work for me on PC… I can run it but it doesnt go further than the beginning screen where it says: Saints Row Undercover

        1. Richter

          If you keep pressing X you eventually get to the menu.
          Unfortunally to me, when i press New game or Load game is freezes in a black screen…

  10. iSWORD

    8cd034c4e7be323e9b90646c8aa4903c SRUPSP.ISO
    2168b20c0f24ac2ddd50056162944d6ac3dada39 SRUPSP.ISO

    Not working on PSP 3004 with 6.60 PRO-C
    Exits with error 80010002

    1. iSWORD

      I downloaded and installed the modified version and it crashed after selecting “new game” on my 3004 with 6.60 PRO-C fix3.

      HOWEVER, updating to firmware version 6.61 and installing 6.61 LME-2.3 solved the problem and the game now works just fine!

      The game seems to be only a few fixes here and there away from being production ready.
      Car crashing physics is so messed up lol

      Thanks Volition, Unseen64 & Borman!

      210b1827ff0ce97eebe590a6252c8fa9 sr2.iso

      78f2383b8ee8788a5411357ffa10b57bc052966e sr2.iso

  11. Dailan

    Anyone had any luck getting this to run on a proper PSP?

    I’ve got

    PSP 3000 6.61 OFW
    PSP 2000 6.60 Pro B9
    PSP Go 6.60 Pro B9

    The game loaded to the Undercover title screen when I tried it on PPSSPP on my Nexus 5, on the PSP Go (only one I’ve tried at the moment) it read the game as in my library but when launching it would crash back to the XMB. Haven’t yet tried on the other PSPs / a PC.


  12. Tiger_x

    Great! Thanx to the dev(s).
    Maybe the eboot is encrypted? Decrypt it and rebuild the .iso. Then try again on your console.
    Will try it later today myself.

  13. DarXide

    It also didn’t work for me. It hung on a black screen and then crashed with the error: The game could not be started (80010002)

    I’m on firmware 6.60 Pro-C2

  14. Chris

    Tried it on a PSP-1000 FW 5.50 GEN-D3. No go. I get the same Error (8001002 as others have. Will give it a go using PPSSPP.

  15. DocShady

    Working for me on PC with PPSSPP. No setting changes need to be made. Make sure you have a controller installed so you can get past the title screen

  16. Pugs

    Someone in the know mentioned that it probably won’t run on a retail PSP as it probably hasn’t be optimized for it yet. As the Dev boxes and an emulator have more memory then a retail PSP. So maybe that’s it.

  17. Technical Monkey

    I think the developers tried to troll us with a fake prototype, since the only thing appears (at least in a emulator) is the title of the game and nothing more. It’s basically a virtual brick and a giant middle finger for all the people who downloaded this piece of crap.

  18. Cyntic

    If you’re having issues running it on PPSSPP, go to Settings>System and change it from PSP1000 model to 2000/3000 and it should work fine. Just tried it on my GS5 with PPSSPP. I originally got the main menu and when I wanted to start a new game it crashed. Now it works. Also, with PPSSPP if nothing is happening, tap x a couple times the screen should eventually blink and once more after that than you get told to hit start and then you should be good.

  19. Myrmeko

    PSP 2000 CFW 6.20 PRO-B8: Error 80010002.
    PSP 2000 CFW 6.39 PRO-B6: same.
    PPSSPP Android: crash after selecting “Start Game”.
    PPSSPP PC: the same.

    The optimized .iso for modded PSPs:
    PPSSPP Android: same crash as before.

  20. nzgamer41

    PSP-E1000, PRO CFW 6.60, got to the main menu, clicked new game and whole game crashed the PSP requiring a reboot

  21. Isaac_Sharrow

    Volition seems to have a fair number of practically complete prototypes floating about the internets, anyone remember money shot? Got to play the XBLA build of that one, good stuff. which makes me wonder if Volition’s execs realizes they keep killing off practically complete games, I wonder what else they’ve failed to take my money after spending all that money to make.

  22. Sam Jones

    Really. .. where are my comments? I missing some I post yesterday morning the rest of the day ! I don’t need to post infos if they aren’t showed here, that sucks hard! My two cents. Ciao

  23. John

    Doesn’t work for me. Tried on a PSP GO with LME 660 and Pro 660 CF, but the game crashes and the console shuts down after the bootscreen, when I press “new game” or “load game”. Replaced the EBOOT.BIN as everyone said with UNDGen 4.0 and tried on my CF modded PSP 1000 too. Nothing. What should I do? I don’t wanna play it on a PC emulator… T_T

  24. jayplast

    I actually have it 100% WORKING on a CFW PSP 3000 Brite 6.60 PRO-C2! when youre on the XMB press the select button and change youre UMD ISO mode to M33 Driver and it works like a beauty!

    1. John

      I did it but same as ever. I redownloaded the ISO maybe for a corruption issue but nothing… Please, somebody, link a working patched ISO! T.T

  25. Jafo

    It’s probably a build configured to use extra memory available on devkits but not on retail devices. That’s common during development, since budgets are often missed and you still need to debug things.

  26. D

    I did not make the last post in my name, linking to a download file. Is there someone at Unseen64 I can send a working file to directly, so people don’t pretend to be me? Again, this is tested and working on PSP 3001 (the silver one, if that matters any) with LCFW using a PSX eBoot program.

    1. Rose

      The eboot.bin and boot.bin they refer too in the linked article are different file sizes and the boot.bin isn’t even in there?

  27. tiger_x

    Ok got it to work on my psp thanks to another site.
    First do the boot.bin eboot.bin swap like in the post earlier.
    Then you have to use a firmware where you can enable “force high memory layout”.
    Ypu can find that option in the recovery menu, advanced settings.

  28. Josh Garriga

    The iso doesnt seem to work on cfw or ofw psps. But the eboot pbp file works on both. Works on my cfw psp 1000.

  29. Jack

    I do not believe, but there are still new PSP games.
    Can my PSP 3000 6.61 LME work?
    Sorry, my English is not good.

  30. Ayrton Thunder Cheetah

    It doesn’t work on my PSP Only Works on PPSSPP I don’t know why that Doesn’t Work on psp Only ppsspp :/

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