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Dragon Hopper [VB – Cancelled]

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[source: Wikipedia / Planet Virtual Boy]


Bound High [VB – Cancelled]

Bound High is a cancelled game for the Virtual Boy consists on manuveuring Chalvo, a robot that can roll itself up into a bouncing ball, around a series of levels while avoiding various hazards. Bound High would have been the first second-generation game for the Virtual Boy, but the poor sales of the console caused to be put on hold numerous times before eventually being cancelled altogether.

Of all the cancelled Virtual Boy games, Bound High was the closest to completion. Bound High was exhibited in Shoshinkai at Famicon Space World in 1995. Bound High was exhibited in the “Symbolic Zone” which was a special exhibition area for outstanding titles on about ten Virtual Boy units. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the president of Nintendo at the time, mentioned Bound High as the most promising Virtual Boy title in his keynote speech.

The basic gameplay of Bound High consists on moving the bouncing Chalvo around, jumping on enemies and avoiding the various crevices, spikes, and “shockers”.

[source: Wikipedia / Planet Virtual Boy]

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