Dragon Hopper [VB – Cancelled]

Dragon Hopper [VB – Cancelled]

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[source: Wikipedia / Planet Virtual Boy]


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11 thoughts on “Dragon Hopper [VB – Cancelled]

  1. Stephen

    This Looks Like a Really Good Game. But The Reason I Like To Collect Rare & Beta Games Is , What If Someone Wanted To By a Copy Of The Game?. Some Games Are Impossible To Find. Oh Well… Perhaps Someday The Lost & Unseen Games Might Be Discovered. I Hope Someday We Can Convince People To Sell Cartridges Of These Games.

  2. Cory

    You’ll have to take my word on it since I don’t have proof, but this game was actually completed. On it’s US release date, I actually saw a copy in my local Best Buy. I immediately recognised it because it was one of two games I was looking forward to for the virtual boy. I actually held it in my hands and read the back of the box!

    I didn’t buy it because I wanted Zero Racers more and it was supposed to be released in only a few more days. I only had enough money for one game. Sadly a few days later I heard that Zero racers was canceled. I made it back to Best Buy to pick up Dragon Hopper maybe about a week after I first saw it, but not only was the game gone, but their whole VB display was too!
    It’s how I learned they were dropping the system.

    So the question is, what happened to those games? Were they recalled? Sent to a different store?

    They had to have been on sale for at least one day, so there could be a couple copies in circulation out there.

    Probably the closest I’ve ever come to owning a really rare game. I wonder how much it’d be worth now…

    1. KGRAMR

      Hey mario9705, if your friend does own a copy of those games, maybe you could tell him to see if he can post a video of those 2 games. Sorry for the 6-year reply though :-)

  3. vb-fan

    Mario, is your post legit? There are so few games available for the VB. Can we arrange for a few people to actually see or play these?

  4. chillv


    It doesn’t seem legit to me. Like you said, if he actually has a copy of this game and zero racers he would have leaked a rom or at least footage of the game.

  5. Anonymous


    While you might think that Mario9705 does not sound legit, whether he is or not, is not the issue but saying that if he actually had a copy of this game and zero racers he would have leaked a rom or at least footage of the game, is assuming something that you would probably have done but that he might not do, might not know how to do, and/or might not see the point for doing so, etc. Again that is just me, if I ever had a copy I would not leak a rom (I would not know how to do it) or any footage (I do not know how to do stuff like that with programs and Youtube). That assumption that you mentioned to me, does not hold water. You could take it as his word and then to verify if you could, find out how to privately PM him to find out if what he said was true or false. That would be a better alternative, instead of saying it does not sound legit.

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