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Top Gun 64 [N64 – Cancelled]


Top Gun: Fire At Will was released by Spectrum Holobyte in 1996 for the PC and Sony Playstation, but it was originally a cancelled title for the Nintendo 64.  The title features any actors from the film, with James Tolkan reprising his role as Stinger. The game’s overall plot focuses on the player-character, Maverick, going to combat in Cuba, North Korea, and Libya against a secret group of mercenary pilots called the “Cadre.”

The N64 version was probably canned because it was seen as an economic risk, and they decided to move the project on other platforms that were more cheap to develop on.  Probably the game released for PSX and PC was not the exact same one as the original N64 concept and for more informations you can download the original pitch for Top Gun 64 in here:  Top Gun Ultra 64 Pitch (PDF)

Update: as wrote to us by Ross Sillifant, here are some more info on the cancellation of Top Gun 64:

Microprose CANNED N64 version of Top Gun, despite being one of the 1st Non-Japanese firms to be granted a publishing licence for the N64, because they’d lost faith in Nintendo.  Tim Christian, European Md of Microprose told EDGE magazine that Nintendo were coming in last and the public is going to see them as the 3rd Next generation platformin every sense and by the time the N64 arrived in Europe, the average software price for PS1+saturn could have dropped considerably and you’d be able to buy top quality games on Playstation and Saturn for under £30. How could a mass-market develop around a machine with games selling for £70? Tim thought the N64 would be ‘sunk before it gets out the harbour’ as far as Europe was concerned.


Harrier 2000 / 2001 [N64 – Cancelled]

After completing one of the launch titles for the N64 in 1996, Pilotwings (the other being Super Mario 64), Paradigm was tasked with creating three new games: Pilotwings 2, a “racing” game (Which later became Beetle Adventure Racing!), and a more serious flight simulator, which was to be called “Flights of the U.N.” This title was later changed to Harrier 2000, and again to Harrier 2001 due to delays. The game was supposed to be released in 1999, but when it was delayed they “updated” the title to go along with the new release date.

It is unsurprising, with the habit of many unseen Nintendo 64 games, that Pilotwings 2 and Harrier 2001 were canceled. Fortunately we managed to scrounge up some images and information on the latter. The main mode was composed of 20 missions, for which you could choose between a combination of 50 crews, the correct choice being essential to the mission. Paradigm’s objective in creating this game seems not to have been to create a completely realistic simulator with great physics, but rather continue the old tradition à la many arcade games of the time, with cartoon physics and simplified controls. In addition, the player could choose between four different camera modes, a first person view and three other varying views from the exterior of the plane, depending on their taste. The game would have featured nine types of ground-to-air missile, seventeen types of bomb and three types of rocket launcher. The cart size was 64 megabits, and N64 Magazine reported that it would support up to four players.

The story of Harrier holds the same appeal as that of Top Gun with Tom Cruise; the player guides an ex-marine, Jake Cross, on a mission to thwart the terrorist organization The Brotherhood. The Brotherhood had, apparently, nothing better to do than than kill the protagonist’s best friend and attempt to take possession of a new chemical element, Podium, in order to construct the most dangerous bombs ever.

The game had an awesome graphic for its time, but regardless of the potential they still had their fair share of problems. Harrier was initially delayed to late 1999, then 2000 and subsequently canceled permanently, for legal reasons. Video System, the would-be publisher of Harrier, has stopped all financing for the development of Harrier, so Paradigm was ultimately left with no option other than to abandon Harrier altogether.

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The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask “Beta Quest”


Thanks to some Gameshark codes it’s possible to find an unused item in Majora’s Mask, a bottle with the “Hylian Loach” inside. This item could have been used in the removed fishing minigame that was going to be in the game. With other codes you can go around Termina as Fierce Deity Link, and you are able to see that its 3D model is too big for the normal world proportions (as this trasformation was created just for the boss-fights).  It’s even possible to activate a sort of  “Beta Quest” mode that warps you in different places of the game and some of those seems to be more incomplete than the final ones.