The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask “Beta Quest”

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask “Beta Quest”


Thanks to some Gameshark codes it’s possible to find an unused item in Majora’s Mask, a bottle with the “Hylian Loach” inside. This item could have been used in the removed fishing minigame that was going to be in the game. With other codes you can go around Termina as Fierce Deity Link, and you are able to see that its 3D model is too big for the normal world proportions (as this trasformation was created just for the boss-fights).  It’s even possible to activate a sort of  “Beta Quest” mode that warps you in different places of the game and some of those seems to be more incomplete than the final ones.


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6 thoughts on “The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask “Beta Quest”

  1. Treeckoman

    I think the area with all the sticks is w beta place for the Beaver’s Dam. They might have originally had a quest in a Dam.

    1. monokoma Post author

      You are right, it’s the Beaver’s Dam, that screenshots is from a “Beta Quest”, with gameShark you are able to appear in that place for some reasons, and it looks a bit different from the final one if i remember it correctly

      1. Troy

        The beaver damn is what brought me here. After racing them I swam the race map and noticed parts of the map were damned off. So is you go to the end you actually swim into a brever “hut” . That picture is taken inside it. See when you beat the race next scene your back at the start it doesn’t show the Hutt. I was curious about it and Google about it wich let me here

  2. steph

    There’s probably was a quest of kinds in the beaver’s dam. There was also one in the alien ship, as a bunch of very futuristicly designed items found in the games codes suggest.

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