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Unseen Changes: Street Of Rage 3 VS Bare Knuckle 3

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While translating this game from Japanese to American and European audiences, Sega of America altered it significantly. The most notable changes were that the miniboss character Ash was removed because he was a stereotyped homosexual, females were given more modest clothing, and the costume colors were changed. Axel is dressed like Adam, Blaze’s clothes were changed from red to white, and Skate wears red and blue instead of red and yellow. Sega stated that these were changed to create “gender-neutral colors.” The voice-effects were also changed, with most noticeably Axel’s catchphrase of “Grand Upper” for his semi-special move being replaced with “Bare Knuckle”.

The plot was rewritten, leaving many gaps in the narrative. In the original Bare Knuckle 3 the story dealt with a new explosive substance called Rakushin, discovered by a Dr. Gilbert (who later turns out to be Dr. Zan), and the disappearance of a military general. In the American and European versions of Streets of Rage 3, all references to Rakushin were removed, and the general was replaced by the chief of police, and a scheme to switch city officials with robot clones was invented. Another difference was if you didn’t save the general, you had to head to the White House. This too was changed in the U.S./Euro version where instead if you didn’t save the chief, then you had to head to the City Hall, although the building depicting the City Hall was still clearly the White House.

Also, Bare Knuckle 3, even on the highest difficulty setting, was significantly easier than Streets of Rage 3 on default difficulty. A comprehensive list of all the changes between the versions, as well as a complete translation of the Japanese script, can be found at SOR online. [Info from Wikipedia]



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Wario Ware Twisted VS Mawaru Made In Wario

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“Unseen” does not simply mean that which was never released as a complete game, but it often also refers to graphical and textual changes in during the process of translating titles for the western market from Japan. These things are never seen in the west! This artticle, dedicated to Wario Ware Twisted begins a new section of Unseen 64, which is meant to observe what changed have been made in the localizing of a game, be they cultural or simply accidental.

italian_flag.jpg [spoiler /Clicca qui per la versione in Italiano/ /Nascondi la versione in Italiano/]Unseen non significa solamente le differenze fra la versione beta ed il gioco completo, ma spesso capita anche che gli sviluppatori cambiano diversi particolari nella conversione dei titoli dal Giappone al mercato Occidentale. Mai visti in occidente! Con questo articolo dedicato a Wario Ware Twisted si apre una nuova sezione di Unseen 64, che tenterà di osservare le modifiche apportate nella conversione dei giochi fra i vari continenti.[/spoiler]

[Article by Ultraman82, English translation by Take_It_Slow]














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Perfect Dark: Usa VS Japan

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When Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 was released in Japan, they changed Joanna’s face, to match a more oriental one. If you have more images from the Japanese version of Perfect Dark, please send us an e-mail or join our forum, your help would be really appreciated!


[Article by monokoma]


[Thanks to ShockingAce for the video of the japanese Perfect Dark!]





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