The Chopper Game (DiD) [PC – Cancelled]

The Chopper Game (DiD) [PC – Cancelled]

“The Chopper Game” was a working title for upcoming 3D flight sim from DiD. They planned it as a next big game after success of TFX and Inferno. For “Chopper” DiD planned using updated version of 3D engine that was used for above mentioned TFX and Inferno. This time the game was planned as more story driven and focused on complex plot that was still in a storyboard phase at that time.

According to article in PC Games 12/1994 game was still in very early development phase, but was looking very good and movement was very smooth. Because of the engine modifications landscape was more complex and fully textured.

Developers promised many missions as a test pilot in environments ranging from valleys, dense tree lines of forests, ice planes. Promises were made about 3D engine that is nearly 3 times better than engine used in TFX.

Also models of aircrafts was planned to be on next level of details especially due to the near future setting of the game.

“Although it’s set in future,it’s still going to have and accurate helicopter model.”

Quote from Ian Boardman, head of 3D graphics department at DiD.

Game missions was planned differently as in TFX, where player for doing missions for UN. In “Chopper” player was going to fly mission and not knowing for long time what is going on or what is the background, because the squad that player will be flying for is known as Black Force.

Another difference was that in times between missions player can climb out of its machine and wander across base and talk to people. Also characters was planned as fully 3d modelled with realistic (for it’s time) face textures. This was essential part of game where player put pieces of story together. Developers wanted also to avoid pre-rendered cutscenes and everything was planned to be in-engine.

DiD in time of preview of “Chopper” game was putting most of its effort and time into “TFX 2” (later known as EF 2000). According to info from mentioned article in PC Games magazine after TFX 2 all resources will go into “Chopper” game. It was scheduled for release in May 1995, but no other mention of this game could be found and it, I think vanished or was later tranformed into Iron Angel.

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  1. Mike Garcia


    LOL How realistic was that?
    The engine was reused and the focus on story… maybe, but it didn’t happen.

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