Danso Toshi: Stray Road [PC Engine – Cancelled]

Danso Toshi: Stray Road [PC Engine – Cancelled]

Danso Toshi: Stray Road (断層都市ストレイロード) is a cancelled cyberpunk RPG that was in development around 1993 by IGS (AKA International Games System, アイ・ジー・エス) planned to be released on the PC Engine CD. The settings are quite similar to another cancelled IGS RPG titled “Blunders”: from the available screenshots it looks like players would have been able to explore a fantasy world filled with sci-fi cities and weird monsters. Combat was turn-based, looking similar to Phantasy Star.

Lots of details about Danso Toshi: Stray Road were published at the time in PC Engine Fan magazine and IGS flyer: if you can translate the most important parts in English, please let us know! Some information is also found in japanese fan sites (translated with Google):

“The hero who wanders in search of lost memories in the “fault city” that was once born in the barren wilderness called Tokyo. Eventually he gets caught up in a huge conspiracy.

The February 1993 issue of the monthly PC engine is introduced over two pages. Release price 8900 yen Scheduled release date is written as scheduled to be released in March. It feels like it’s boiled down to the very end, but it has been discontinued.”

Someone on Twitter said a former IGS employee revealed the reason for the game cancellation was a complaint by Aya Sugimoto, a ‘80s / ‘90s J-Pop singer, actress and gravure idol that was hired by IGS for the game promotion and to write a song for the OST (Le SOIR Eternal Farewell). We are not sure about what happened between Aya and IGS, so if you can find more details please let us know!


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