ISO: International Spy Organizations [PC – Cancelled]

ISO: International Spy Organizations [PC – Cancelled]

ISO: International Spy Organizations is a cancelled open world FPS (?) that was in development by Signature Devices / Graffiti Entertainment around 2007, planned to be released on PC. It was pitched as “James Bond meets X-Files” but no other details about this project survived online, just a mention in a related news story about the team. Did the game really exist? Thanks to we can see some tiny screenshots on Signature Devices’ old website and read a press release on Graffiti Entertainment’s old website:

“Setting: Modern world setting with somewhat futuristic weapons / scenarios. Players are immersed in a world that is live, constantly changing, affected by their characters’ actions and friends and foe are not necessarily known entities. Players are best served by their skills, tools, powers of observation and following the spy credo, trust no one.

In a modern day society we rarely have time to think about the influences or subtle happenings that color or trigger events that come to change history. Ideas are generated, tossed around, become mainstream and then become accepted fact by the masses all in the blink of an eye. The birth of the overnight sensation came in the 20th century. With television commentators spooning out “the truth” as if they have a private pipeline on it.”

“With the birth of the “overnight sensation” has come the ability for government, corporate and special interests to warp points of view to their own particular flavor of the truth. Known as marketing, PR, political / ethical / moral debate the world news release is subject to clever input to nudge the tide of opinion and ability or favor to one side or the other on every conceivable issue.

With this ability came the need to control more and more about an information campaign, perceived enemies abilities and the information gathered or released. So came the birth of spies on all levels. In every formal and informal interest at every level people are engaged in espionage of sorts in an effort to control the influence for resources, public opinion, industry and in short order whole governments and continents to further their own interests.”

“International spy organizations bring those factions to the forefront, exposing the ugly underpinnings for all who enter to uncover and reap the rewards. Those who join start freelance, perhaps originally just to make a little quick cash and then eventually find themselves either sucked up into or actively recruited to serve a faction. Many times participants join factions and their cause long before they have any true understanding of the overall faction plan or long term goals.

The factions are run by strategists who carefully use and even dispose of their spies like pawns. An element that makes many spies stay undercover even from their own employers and alliance members.”

By looking at the screenshots, it seems you would have been able to freely explore the city, enter buildings and drive different vehicles. If you know someone who worked on this game and could help us preserve more screenshots, footage or details, please let us know!

Thanks to Daniel Nicaise for the contribution!


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