Delta Force: Angel Falls [PC – Cancelled]

Delta Force: Angel Falls [PC – Cancelled]

Delta Force: Angel Falls is a cancelled strategy-focused FPS in the “Delta Force” series that was in development for PC by Novalogic between 2007 and 2012. Missions would have been set in Colombia and Venezuela, with the US military trying to take down drug cartels and totalitarian regimes. As in previous DF titles, players would have been able to explore huge outdoor environments, eliminating enemies, assassinating political targets and destroying military equipment.

Some details about the game were shared by Novalogic on their old website:

“In the near future, set in the north-west region of Central America and spanning both Colombia and Venezuela, “Delta Force: Angel Falls” presents the rural, sparsely populated areas of this exotic locale.  The South American environment provides a premise which is naturally beautiful and full of new millennium conflicts.

Marginal governments, involved in local expansionism, continually scuffle with one another and with major global powers. Complicating matters, drug cartels have evolved beyond money to political forces rivaling established governments. Influenced by current events, the game is both topical and novel.

The sometimes local philosophy of “your enemy is my friend and your friend is my enemy” gives rise to a multitude of ever-changing alliances and conflicts which drive the game’s rapid action. The culmination of the conflict takes place in the Angel Falls area of Venezuela providing both a spectacular setting and a surprise ending.”

  • Exciting single player missions spread over several campaigns.
  • Challenging multiplayer maps supporting multiple game types.
  • Scenarios, tactics and equipment inspired by extensive consultations with former Delta Force personnel.
  • Large, open environments with operating land, air and sea vehicles.
  • Gratifying gunplay, well-balanced weapons, and tactically interesting dynamic environments.
  • Support for huge numbers of combatants per game with co-operative play against all new AI.

Sometime in 2011 the team opened an Alpha Phase for the game, accepting applications from fans. Unfortunately in the end the game was never completed and we don’t know how much was done before its cancellation.

As far as we know, Angel Falls was a different project from The Unit: Operation Acid Gambit, another cancelled game by Novalogic (but they may have shared the same 3D engine). In October 2016 the team vanished, their assets and IP (including Delta Force) were bought out by THQ Nordic.

Thanks to Daniel Nicaise for the contribution!


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