Woody (Cinemax) [PC – Cancelled]

Woody (Cinemax) [PC – Cancelled]

Woody was a stylish point & click adventure that was in development for PC by Cinemax around 2002, later cancelled for unknown reasons. Its graphic style is reminiscent of classic Amanita Design games, but unfortunately not much information is available on this lost game. It seems the project was conceived for younger players, but for sure it looked quite cool.

If you know someone who worked on Woody and could help preserving more screens, footage or details, please let us know!


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One thought on “Woody (Cinemax) [PC – Cancelled]

  1. Emily Bowman

    Given that it was funded by a premium cable channel, I’m definitely thinking it was axed during a corporate reshuffling and refocus onto their core Skinemax content.

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