Alone in the Dark 5 [PS2, Xbox – Cancelled]

Alone in the Dark 5 [PS2, Xbox – Cancelled]

Alone in the Dark 5 is the cancelled, fifth chapter in the cult-classic Alone in the Dark series that was in development by Atari / Infogrames Lyon House Studio in 2002, planned to be released on Playstation 2 and Xbox. One year after Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (developed by Darkworks) and six years before the Alone in the Dark 2008 reboot (developed by Eden Games), AitD 5 was in development directly by Infogrames Lyon as one of their major internal projects.

In early ‘00s Infogrames had already a few economic problems: in 2002 they had a loss of $67 million and things would only get worse during the following years. While Alone in the Dark 5 was never officially announced by Infogrames it could have been a successful game for them, bringing in some good sales. Unfortunately this never happened.

Alone in the Dark 5 was soon cancelled, possible because of quality issues or because the series and the classic survival horror genre were not as popular as before among gamers. The project could have been seen as a risk to complete in such an unstable market.

In 2003 Infogrames renamed all of its brands into Atari (after they bought out the name from Hasbro) and heavily re-organized the company and their projects. During the early ‘00s Infogrames canned many more interesting games, such as La Femme Nikita, Urban X-Tribe, Ghostbusters Academy, Riders and NetLife.

Only a few images from Alone in the Dark 5 are saved in the gallery below, to preserve its existence.


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12 thoughts on “Alone in the Dark 5 [PS2, Xbox – Cancelled]

  1. TLO

    Alone in the Dark Near Death Investigation / Alone in the Dark Inferno, is the 5th game?!
    It’s also released for Windows, Xbox 360 und PS3, PS2 and Wii.
    There are some tech demo vids around, so you may find more infos.

    1. monokoma Post author

      This Alone in the Dark 5 was a completely different game than the Alone in the Dark 2008 reboot, made by two different teams! I hope to be able to save more footage in the future :O

  2. Press_Release

    Posso utilizzare queste informazioni sulla Alone in the Dark wiki? Specificando la fonte, ovviamente

    1. monokoma Post author

      Ciao Press! Scusa per il ritardo nella risposta, come al solito c’è tanto da fare per Unseen64 e mai abbastanza tempo per stare dietro a tutto :(
      Usa tutto quello che serve per la Wiki! è molto importante condividere immagini e informazioni su più siti possibile, così che vengano preservate limitando il rischio che siano perdute :)

    2. monokoma Post author

      Quei bozzetti sono molto interessanti, non li avevo mai visti! Effettivamente il character design sembra lo stesso usato per questo prototipo del 2002 :O

          1. monokoma Post author

            Grazie per il link! Prima o poi dobbiamo inserirlo nell’archivio di Unseen64, è davvero un remake misterioso :O

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