Cho Hamaru Golf (Net de Golf ) [Dreamcast – Beta]

Cho Hamaru Golf (Net de Golf ) [Dreamcast – Beta]

Update: thanks to Mark we found out that this game is an early version of the released Net de Golf! Some details such as the HUD look a bit different in Cho Hamaru Golf, but the rest is identical.

Cho Hamaru Golf is a cancelled arcade sport game that was in development by Sega for their Dreamcast since 1998, as it was listed during their second “New Challenge Conference” in october 98 – with a planned release date of March 1999. A couple of tiny screenshots were published online by IGN, but thanks to Isatis_Angel we were able to save better images, found in “Playmag” magazine issue 30 (novembre 1998).

As far as we know from the short previews and news available at the time, Cho Hamaru Golf was planned to be a fun arcade experience like Everybody’s Golf and Mario Golf. Sega also wanted to let players to trade special golf clubs (and custom characters?) using their VMUs.

By looking at the only screenshots available, we can imagine this would have been a great multiplayer game for our beloved Dreamcast, so it’s really a shame it was never released.

Thanks to Isatis_Angel for the contribution!



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4 thoughts on “Cho Hamaru Golf (Net de Golf ) [Dreamcast – Beta]

      1. monokoma Post author

        Wow thanks a lot! Never know about the existence of Net de Golf, then we could keep this page as a beta of the final game, looks like the HUD is a bit different :O Maybe there are even more differences?

        1. Mark Smith

          I’m sure there are many others differences. I no longer own Net de Golf but I do remember it wasn’t very good compared to Golf Shiyouyo.
          By the way, I’m Yakumo on various forums, you know me :) also, owner of the Retro Core Channel on You.

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