Battle Arena Toshinden [Beta – Playstation]

Battle Arena Toshinden [Beta – Playstation]

Battle Arena Toshinden is a fighting game developed by Tamsoft and originally published by Takara in 1995 for Playstation.

In 2007, AssemblerGames unearthed a video of a pre-release build of the game, which serves as evidence of numerous cuts and changes that took place during the course of development:


Alpha HUD. Sofia and Kayin (spelled Kain in these early builds) attires were completely different.


The same can be said about Run-go’s look (spelled “Rangu” in these early builds) .


Pre-release version. The background of this arena lacked the animations present in the final build. Kain still had his alpha dress.


The same can be said about this stage. No moving lights and the background is much more basic.


‘Fo’ was named ‘Hou’ in this pre-release build and he had a different costume.


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