Gutherman Project: Toy Commander [Beta – Dreamcast]

Gutherman Project: Toy Commander [Beta – Dreamcast]

Gutherman Project was the working title of Toy Commander, a Dreamcast action game developed by No Clichè and published by Sega, released in North America on September 1999.

Several magazines and online publications mentioned Gutherman as one of the launching titles (along with Agartha) for the Dreamcast. According to

No Cliché have released some details about 2 Dreamcast projects on their site. Firstly, they have an action game called Gutherman where “aim of the game is to drive vehicles through several breathtaking missions“. The second title is an horror-adventure game called Agartha which apparently will use “a new innovative character control”. Both titles will be launched with the Dreamcast in August.

The magazine Computer And Videogames (issue 212) mentioned (with the title Gutherman: Toy Commander) “some kind of Mario-style kids platforming game“:


Through the archived version of No Clichè’s website (everything is in the News archive 98/99) we can have a glimpse of the development process of Toy Commander:

Mercredi 30 Septembre 1998:
La photo mystere du projet Gutherman 
Lundi 1 Mars :
Les beta-tests du Projet Gutherman ont commencé
Mardi 27 Avril :
Le “Projet Gutherman” sortira sous le nom de “TOY COMMANDER”
Mercredi 12 Mai :
“TOY COMMANDER” sera présent à l’Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) sur le stand de Sega.

If you know where we can find the mysterious screenshot of Project Gutherman drop us an e-mail!.

Magazine Scans:

Computer_and_Video_Games_Issue_211_1999-06_EMAP_Images_GB_0068 Computer_and_Video_Games_Issue_212_1999-07_EMAP_Images_GB_0075

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4 thoughts on “Gutherman Project: Toy Commander [Beta – Dreamcast]

  1. Dag Lindwall

    Wouldn’t it make sense that “Gutherman: Toy Commander” is just the project name for the game “Toy Commander” by No Cliché that was released for Dreamcast in 1999?

  2. Ross Sillifant

    That’d be my thinking.So many videogames are developed under codenames or names change depending on where they are released.Odds are they just shortened the name.

    Given the lack of accurracy from UK Press at the best of times, i personally don’t see it as anything but a WIP title for the game, myself.

    1. monokoma

      indeed, it’s possible that the game in its early version did not have much differences from the final one, but it would be interesting to see those beta screens :O

  3. Ross Sillifant

    This looks now like a standard P.R Release from Sega.

    It popped up in Edge under European Dreams with Edge reporting on all known European 1.5 Party games at that time, starting with:

    Project:TTB (Red Lemon)so Take The Bullet.

    Furballs and then the 2 No Cliche Games.

    So yes, like Take The Bullet it looks very certain it just went under a different title whilst a WIP.

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